Top 5 Best Gaming PCs for Warzone in 2023

the best gaming PC for Warzone

  You will need a gaming PC with top-tier specifications if you want to play Call of Duty: Warzone, with high-resolution features. A strong gaming PC with a top-tier processor and graphics card is required. In addition, you require more RAM and adequate storage. If you are thinking about upgrading your system, using the best … Read more

Best RTX 3070 Prebuilt Gaming PC In 2023

RTX 3070 Prebuilt Gaming PC

Whenever it comes to the more affordable graphics cards that can target 1440p resolution and below, the RTX 3070 leads the race. The RTX was a very sought-after GPU, which offered almost comparable results to the RTX 2080 Ti. The best step to secure yourself from arising stock issues is to arm yourself with an … Read more

Best Pink Gaming Laptops 2023: Buying Guide

best pink gaming laptops in 2023

Pink is the favourite colour of many. No, it is not specifically for girls. Many men also like it especially when they get this colour on their laptop. Meanwhile, the colour increases their appearance. However, in the market the best pink gaming laptops 2023 are high in demand. First thing is that, 2022 is going … Read more

Top 8 Best PC Gaming Headsets Under $100

Top 4 Best PC Gaming Headsets under 100

A good gaming headset goes a long way, especially when it’s affordable and of great quality. PC gaming headsets can offer you quality sound and can enhance your gaming experience. We have reviewed 8 of the best PC gaming headsets under 100. The market for gaming accessories is pretty big and it takes a lot … Read more