Is Face ID Not Working on Your iPhone? Here is the Fix

Face ID is a perfect feature that is great for greater privacy and security of your device. This feature is only available in iPhone X and the new versions of iPhones. iPhone is known for giving people the highest level of security possible. So if your Face ID is not working then this guide is for you.  It is more of an automatic face recognition system that scans your face and unlocks the device.  This biometric identification system is great to have if you are someone who cares about your privacy and looking for the best solution.

Apple devices are perfect if you want the maximum amount of security on your account or for your device. If you are wondering why your Face ID not working on your iPhone then do not worry. We are going to show you why and how it can start working again.

How to Fix the Face verification issue on Your iPhone

When you look at the front camera of your iPhone for a Face ID lock, it automatically unlocks your device by scanning your face. As we have discussed this feature can only be found in the iPhone X or more latest iPhone models.

If Face ID not working then there must be an update issue that could be causing it. You need to update your device and then try to unlock it using Face ID. Make sure you have the IOS version 16.1 installed.

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Here are the five most effective fixes you can use to resolve the issue:

Fix 1: Turn On the Face ID Option to get verified again

If your Face ID not working then you need to make sure that your Face ID is enabled in the settings. There could be a reason that you must have forgotten to turn the Face ID back on if you recently disabled it. Either way here is how to make sure that you have it enabled:

Turning the Face ID On IPhone

  1. In the settings, tap the ⇒Face ID and Passcode option then enter the password if asked.
  2. In the Face ID and Passcode section, make sure that Face ID is enabled for the apps or features you are trying to use.
  3. Finally, you are done, now try if it works out for you.

Fix 2: Setting up an Alternate Appearance

This is quite an interesting feature that allows you to set up an alternate appearance. So that it would be easier for your iPhone to accept your face for the Face ID Login. If you are someone who usually wears a hat or glasses then this will be a perfect way to get it working once again.

Here is how to set up an alternate appearance:

  1. Follow the first step mentioned in the above method then tap the ⇒Set Up an Alternate Appearance option.

altennate appearance

  1. Proceed with the instructions and you are good to go.

Settings up an Alternate Appearance

  1. Afterward, it will save your alternate appearance in its database and you will no longer face this issue.

Fix 3: Make Sure Your Face is Visible to the Camera

If your Face ID is not working despite trying a few things or settings. Then you need to make pay attention to the camera. Make sure that nothing is blocking the front camera of your iPhone. Making sure that your nose, eyes, and face are not covered and fully visible is the key to fixing this issue. iPhone’s Face ID feature usually works if you are wearing sunglasses but if you also have the face mask way too high then remove it. Afterward, it should work.

If your Face ID not working still then you need to take off the sunglasses and make sure to hold your iPhone higher. The light could also be the reason that is blocking the camera or your face from getting scanned. So do try to unlock it in more natural light.

Fix 4: Reboot Your iPhone

Rebooting your device usually fixes every minor issue. So when you turn it off and then back on again. It should fix the issue. Once you shut down your device, wait for at least 2 minutes and turn it back on. If this method does not work out for you then you can always reset your Face ID. In the method below you will learn how to reset your Face ID.

reboot Iphone

Fix 5: Resetting the Face ID

If the Face ID you have just set is no more working then you can always reset it by going into the settings. It won’t take much time, here is how to do it if your Existing Face ID not working:

  1. Go to the ⇒Face ID & Passcode option in the settings.
  2. Enter the password when asked.
  3. Proceed by Taping the “Reset Face ID” button.

  1. Go through the instructions and you will have your Face ID set the second time around.


Face ID is a perfect feature for the maximum amount of security on the iPhone. You would need to have the iPhone X or a newer version in your possession to take an advantage of this feature. If Face ID not working on your iPhone then do not worry as we have provided you with four different methods to use.

Through these methods, you will be able to get your Face ID system working. First of all make sure that your device is updated because usually, an update could also be a reason behind these issues. Turn the Face ID on in the settings and also set up an alternate appearance so that it would be easier for you to unlock your device.

Also, make sure that your face is visible and not covered with a mask, and try holding your iPhone higher than usual. Rebooting your device and resetting the Face ID can also help with the issue. So make sure to try these and you would surely get your solution. Thanks for reading!

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