How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription: An Ultimate Guide

As of recently, it has been said that the price for Disney plus service in December will go up, which means you will be paying a bit more than the usual amount, which is nearly $11 a month. Today in this article we are going to be discussing how to cancel Disney plus subscription if you find it costly.

On Disney plus you can find all kinds of Disney, marvel, start wars, and Pixar movies and tv shows. Disney is a big brand name that just quite a while ago launched a streaming service just like Netflix. You pay a monthly fee for the Disney Plus subscription service.

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How to Cancel Disney Plus Subscription on a Web Browser?

  1. In the first step, you need to open the Disney plus page:, then you need to log into your account by entering the username and password.
  2. Secondly, click on your profile picture and then choose  “Account

Disney plus profile

  1. Now choose your subscription plan, where you will see it say Disney plus monthly.

disney plus subscription plan

  1. Now simply Click “Cancel Subscription”.

disney plus subscription plan

  1. A new window will appear asking for the reason to cancel, give the reason if you like.

reason cancel subscriotion

  1. Finally, confirm to cancel the subscription.

Now your Disney plus service has been canceled successfully through a web browser.

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How to cancel Disney plus subscription on an iPhone

  1. In order to cancel your Disney plus service through an iPhone, you first need to go to the settings.

How to cancel Disney plus subscription on an iPhone

  1. Once in the settings, tap the “Subscriptions” option.

iphone disney subscriptions

  1. There will be a list of services that appears on your screen that you are subscribed. Simply choose “Disney plus” from there.

iphone disney subscriptions

  1. Now tap the “Cancel subscription” button at the bottom. This will cancel your subscription.

How to cancel Disney plus subscription on an Android

  1. The simplest way to cancel a subscription on android is to go to the Google Play app store.

cancel a subscription on android

  1. Secondly, tap the three horizontal lines at the top left corner and then tap “Subscriptions

cancel a subscription on android

  1. Now tap the Disney plus and then afterward tap “Cancel Subscription

This will surely cancel the Disney plus subscription from your android device

The Bottom-Line

In this article, we have talked about how to cancel Disney plus subscription on a web browser, iPhone, and Android. Disney Plus has become quite a popular streaming service due to its content.  After a few months, every Disney movie comes to Disney plus and you can stream it whenever you like. It has been heard that from December Disney will raise the subscription fee for its service.

So it will be more like $8 to $11 which is a $3 increase. There are people who would rather think before keeping the subscription and some who cannot afford it. And if you are someone who has no idea how to cancel the subscription then this guide is for you. We have provided you with every point to go through and steps to follow so that it would be easier for you to cancel the subscription.

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