How to Combine Videos on iPhone Using Its Built-in App

People love recording videos, making memories, and saving those moments so that can be stored and looked back at whenever a desire occurs. It is like saving your past into a camera. You can edit those videos however you like, add filters or whatever to make them look even more interesting to the eyes. There is always a trend, some people put two videos together and post them on Instagram or TikTok with an engaging background voiceover. But videos like that on TikTok are called split-screen videos. It is also the same thing except the screen is split between videos.

You must be wondering how to combine videos on iPhone. Now that is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article today.

Merging Videos With the iMovie App

iMovie app is a preinstalled app on the iPhone. It is a very interesting app that allows you to add voiceovers to a video, add filters, add texts, add music, trim a video, slow or speed up the video, and can even merge two videos. We are going to only discuss how to combine videos on iPhone using its preinstalled app called: iMovie. Let’s open the app and get started with the merging process:

  1. Once you have the app open, you would have to tap the “Create Project” button.
  2. Now you will see the movie reel icon in the middle with a “New Project” written on top and “Movie” written at the bottom of it. Tap “Movie”.

New Project

  1. You will be moved to another window where you will see the “Media”, “Video” and “Cancel” options. Tap “Media
  2. Now you will find different folders appearing on the screen with one of them being a “Video folder”. Tap that “Video” folder.

Video” folder

  1. Now a grid of media will be shown to you and now you just have to choose any two videos from the grid list to merge. It is not required that you add only two videos, but you can also add multiple different videos to combine.

different videos to combine

  1. Once you have made your choice with the video selection, you can go on and tap the “Create Movie” button.
  2. Now the videos will act as one file and you will see a transition icon between them that can be used to adjust the transition of the video, tap that transition icon.
  3. Now this will show you the 6 different transitions that you can use in the video. You can either add the fade transition, wipe transition, or two four more interesting ones.

different transitions

  1. So once you have taken your pick, all you need to do is press: “Done”. Now the video will be saved in your iMovie app but if you want to save the app on your phone then tap the “Share button” in the middle of the play button and bin button.

Share” button

  1. A new menu will appear and you would be selecting “Save video”. This will save the video on your iPhone.

If somehow your video is accidentally removed from the device, you can always come back to iMovie to retrieve the video and save it once again on your iPhone.

Creating a Split-Screen Video Using iMovie

There is another cool feature that will allow you two merge two videos together and create a split-screen effect. People are using this effect all over the TikTok app. Following a trend, this split-screen effect became quite popular. If you have an iPhone with an iMovie app installed then you can create it. Let’s see how to combine videos on iPhone and make it split using iMovie.

  1. Follow the first 5 steps mentioned in the above section
  2. Once you have the two videos in front of your iPhone screen, just tap and hold then a new menu will open. This is where you need to select the 3 dots.
  3. When you tap the 3 dots, a new menu will pop up and now you will be to choosing “Split-screen.”


  1. Now the videos will be split into one with a split screen.

how to combine videos on iPhone

  1. Finally, just create the video and save it.


In this article, we have explained how to combine videos on iPhone using its built-in app known as “iMovie”. We all love making videos but the real fun is when we have several more effects and options available to us that can be used to alter their quality. It is a very creative and interesting experience as a whole. You can add filters, transitions between two videos,s and much more. We have discussed how to merge two videos using iMovie and add transitions into them, we also talked about the split-screen effect. The split-screen effect is used among the Tiktokers following a trend. We merge two videos in a split-screen process as well, except there are no transitions obviously.

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