How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop? – Basic Guide

With Nintendo Switch, you can enjoy a better gaming experience. It’s a gaming console that allows you to enjoy your gaming needs better. If you want a good gaming experience, then you need to connect your laptop with a Nintendo Switch. Now, you want to know how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop, so we are here to guide you in detail about connecting the Nintendo Switch to a laptop. Keep reading!

How to Connect Nintendo Switch to Laptop?

To play games by connecting the Nintendo Switch to a laptop, there is a need to connect the Nintendo Switch to a laptop. When connecting the laptop with a Nintendo Switch, you need to use your laptop as a TV screen. Here’s how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop by following some of these steps:
  1. Check whether your laptop has compatible ports or not. If not, there is no need to worry; you can connect a Nintendo Switch to your laptop using a USB-C port.
  2. Afterward, find the HDMI cable if your laptop has a HDMI port. If your laptop lacks an HDMI cable, use the USB-C port cable.
  3. Unpair the HDMI cable of your Nintendo Switch from your TV.
  4. On the HDMI capture card of Elgato HD60, plug the HDMI cable of Nintendo’s switch to the HDMI In port.
  5. Open the game capture HD on your laptop.
Elgato Game Capture HD on Windows 10
  1. Now, turn on the Nintendo Switch console by pressing the Home button on any connected controller.
  2. Now connect the Elgato HD60 USB cable to the capture card and the laptop.
  3. After some time, you can see the home screen of Nintendo Switch.
Nintendo Switch in Elgato Game Capture HD on Windows 10.
  1. In the game capture HD, you will find the full-screen icon in the top right corner. It fills the whole screen.
Fullscreen icon in Game Capture HD
  1. You will make sure that you do not touch the mouse/ keyboard. Nintendo Switch footage will automatically expand on the whole screen by itself. Now, you can enjoy the games after connecting a Nintendo Switch to your laptop.
Nintendo Switch playing on a Windows 10 laptop screen.

Which Capture Card is Best to Use?

You can use any of the capture cards, as there’s no specific one for this purpose. But ensure that the chosen capture card must have a USB C connectivity and HDMI In port. Many capture cards are on the list, but we recommend you go for the Elgato capture cards for better gaming needs.

Elgato HDMI 60 capture card is highly recommended, and you can use the Elgato game HD software (free of cost) by downloading it from the Elgato official website. You can find the capture card from the Amazon.

If you want to use any other capture card for pairing a Nintendo Switch to a laptop, the steps will be the same, as there are no notable differences.

Can I Play Nintendo Switch Games without a Capture Card?

If you don’t want to spend on an HDMI capture card or cannot afford it, the best way to play Nintendo Switch games on the laptop is through the PC versions. You don’t need to learn separately, as many Nintendo Switch games are best compatible with laptop and desktop computer controls. You can find some of the Nintendo Switch games on the Windows 10 Microsoft app store, Steam, and Epic games.

Final Words!

Connecting the Nintendo Switch to the laptop is not too difficult. You must follow the above-mentioned article’s steps when connecting Nintendo Switch to a laptop. When you connect it, you can enjoy a better gaming experience. The whole process takes a few minutes without any delay. So, now you get the idea of how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop.


If you want to reset your Nintendo Switch, you can easily do it. For this, you need to press and hold the power button until the console resets, press it again, and then release it. If you don’t want to lose the save games during the reset, turn off and press and hold the volume up and volume down buttons and press the power button. After that, the maintenance mode loads, and select the start console without deleting the saved data.

First, get the Wifi password. Open the switch settings and then go to the internet settings. Choose the hotel network and submit the login details. After entering the password, your Nintendo Switch can access the Hotel’s Wifi.

Most laptops have HDMI input, but how do you know about it? Because a lot of people are not sure about it. If you want to see whether your laptop has HDMI input or not, look at the back or side to see whether any HDMI port exists. If there’s a small rectangular port with 20 or above 20 pins, your laptop has an HDMI port.

If your computer doesn’t have an HDMI port, there’s no need to worry because USB to HDMI converter helps you. This converter lets you perform any HDMI activity through the USB C cable.

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