Learn How to Customize Your AirPods Settings

AirPods are some amazing wireless devices that allow you to listen to audiobooks, music, and so on. If you have an iPhone then you can also ask Siri to play a song or something and your AirPod will start playing it. There are also a number of customization that you can do with these wearables. And today we are going to be discussing how to customize your AirPods settings.

Change Settings for AirPods (1st and 2nd gen)

In order to custom set your AirPod settings, you need to first pair them with your iPhone. Once paired, you will certainly find the settings. Let’s see how to customize your AirPods settings:

  1. The first and foremost thing you should do is place your AirPods in their Charging case.
  2. Once you have placed the AirPods in the charging case, now you need to go to the settings on your iPhone.
  3. When inside the settings menu, you need to tap the “Bluetooth” option.
  4. Once the Bluetooth setting opens, find the connected device called: “AirPods” and tap the “i” sign next to it.
  5. Now a whole bunch of settings will appear, and you can either change the name of the AirPods or have the noise control changed.

How to customize AirPods Pro controls Force Sensor

Name Change: In the AirPod settings, you will find the name setting which will let you change the name of your AirPod.

Double-Tap: This setting will let you decide whether you should use double-tap or set it off. You will see left and right options. Now you can set the shortcut action for either left or right. You can choose actions like Siri, Next track, previous track, play/pause, and off.

Automatic Ear Detection: Automatic ear detection is a feature that is quite interesting. It works like when you put the AirPods on, it will automatically play any music. And once you take them off, it will turn the music off as well.

Microphone Setting: These settings will allow you to choose which AirPod you will be used as a microphone. And if you are using only one microphone then you can set it to automatic.

Change Settings for AirPods pro

The procedure for changing the settings for AirPods pro is very similar to the one we mentioned above. Let’s see how to customize your AirPods settings:

  1. Take the earbuds out of the charging case if they are in it and put them on.
  2. Now go to the settings and then move to Bluetooth where you will find paired devices.
  3. Once you have found your AirPods in the list, you need to tap the “i” sign next to the AirPods name.
  4. Finally, you will be moved to the AirPod pro settings menu where you will be able to custom-set the features.

In the AirPod pro settings menu, here are a few interesting options that you can tweak:

Noise Control: In this option, you will be choosing between two sound modes: “Noise cancellation” and “transparency”. Choose whatever suits you the best.

Press and Hold Control: It is the same as the double tap we talked about above for the 1st and 2nd gen AirPods. You can set the function of each key. Choose from Siri, play/pause, next track, and previous track.

How to Change the Settings of AirPod on Mac

This process is very similar except you will be looking for “System Preferences” instead.

Note: (Your AirPods need to be connected to the Mac in order for this procedure to work.)

  1. Open the System preferences and click on the Bluetooth button.

System preferences and click on the Bluetooth button

  1. Once inside, look for the AirPods in the connected devices list.
  2. From there you would have to click on “Options” written next to your AirPod.
  3. Finally, the settings box will appear and you are good to go.


AirPods are portable and very easy to use. There are several different customization options available for each AirPod model. Today we talked about how to customize your AirPods settings in this article. We talked about how to find the settings for 1st and 2nd gen AirPods and what option will be available for you there. Similarly, we discussed how to customize AirPods Pro and AirPods on Mac. If you own the 1st or 2nd gen AirPods then you need to put the AirPod in the charging case and then go to the settings/Bluetooth and Finally AirPods settings.

When you are dealing with the AirPod pro, you need to take the AirPods out of the charging case and put it on, and then go to the AirPod pro settings. In the case of Mac, you need to be choosing the system preferences, the layout and everything might seem different but it is also one of the easiest processes. Finally, we talked about what option you can customize when you are in the AirPods settings menu.

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