How to Screen Record on an iPhone

If you are wondering whether you can record your iPhone screen or not then the answer is “Yes”. iPhone 11 and later have the screen recorder pre-installed. It is a very interesting feature to have as you are able to make a tutorial video for your students or family and friends. You can also capture the best moments of a video game that you do not want to miss. Today we will be discussing how you can use this built-in feature available in iPhones.

Top 5 Steps on How to Screen Record on an iPhone

Here are the top 5 steps to follow if you want to learn how to screen record on an iPhone:

  1. Find Control Center in the Settings

iPhone with Settings and Control Center highlighted

For the recorder to be available on your iPhone, your iPhone needs to be running IOS 14.0 or later. So in this step, you need to open the settings and navigate to the control center.

  1. Make a Shortcut Key for Screen Recorder

iPhone Settings with Control Center open and the plus sign next to Screen Recording highlighted

If you do not have the screen recorder shortcut key in the control center dropdown menu then this is the step you need to follow. After you are in the control center settings, you will have to go down to the more controls menu where you will see a screen recorder with a green “+” sign. Tapping the “+” will add the shortcut of the screen recorder to the control center from where it can be easily accessible. In a few more steps you will learn how to screen record on an iPhone 11.

  1. Find Screen Recorder in Control Center Menu

iPhone with Screen Recording button on Control Center highlighted as well as the Stop Recording button

In this step, you should now open the control center which is more of a drop-down menu that will appear when you swipe from upward to downward. It also depends on which iPhone you have, for some you would have to swipe from the bottom to the Top to make the control center menu display on your iPhone screen. It does not have to be done when you are on the home screen, as it can also be done from anywhere, even when you have an app opened. Now when the menu is on your screen, you need to look for the dot in the circle icon, it is usually located at the very end of the menu. Final two steps on how to screen record on an iPhone:

  1. Start Recording

iPhone with Screen Recording options open including turning the microphone on

Time to start recording your iPhone’s screen. When ready, you can start the screen recording by simply tapping that record button. It will start without audio for a single tap but with audio when you tap and hold it. So in about 3 seconds, your screen will start the recording. The countdown will give you enough time to close the irrelevant apps and get to what you are about to record. The red is the indication of an active screen recording and the white means it is not active yet.

  1. Stop Recording

How to Screen Record on iPhone - Make Tech Easier

Finally, when you are done recording you can simply stop it by tapping the red clock on the top left corner. And a dialogue box appears with two options: “Stop” and “Cancel”. Just tap “Stop” and the recorder will stop recording. If you are recording a game moment in the fullscreen mode then you need to pull the control center out and tap the screen recorder and your recording will stop immediately without warning.

The video is saved in the photos library by default so you can easily find it as well. You can go to the photo app and open the video to view or edit.

Note: The microphone is always turned off by default when you single-tap the screen recorder. So for those who do not know, you need to tap and hold to make another dialogue appear that will have the option to enable the microphone. The microphone option will also be shown when the recording is on. So if it is disabled, then simply tap to enable it if you want your voice to be recorded as well.


Screen recording is an amazing feature to make tutorials and capture your winning moments in a video game. iPhones running IOS 14.0 or later have the screen recorder available to them. In this article, we explained how to screen record on an iPhone 12 using its preinstalled screen recorder. First, you need to go to the settings to find the control center, then head down and click the “+” sign appearing with the screen recorder. This will add the screen recorder’s shortcut key to the control center from where it will be easily accessible. Then go to the control settings menu, and click on the screen recorder to start recording. Recoding will start in 3 seconds, and when you are done you can stop it from either the recording icon appearing at the top-left or if you are in fullscreen mode then you need to stop the recording from the control panel menu. The screen recorder video will be saved in the Photos app, from there you can view or edit it however you like.

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