How to Speed Up a Video on iPhone – An Extensive Guide

iPhone has several features that make a task easy for you. Today we will learn how to speed up a video on iPhone. iPhone has two preinstalled apps available which can help you speed up a slow-motion video. These two built-in apps are called iMovie and Photos app. Apart from increasing the speed of the video, you can as well set the brightness, exposure, contrast, and other levels. These apps are very easy to use as well. You can even slow the video down even more if you are not satisfied with the current slo-mo effect. Now let’s get started:

Speed up a Video on iPhone Using the Photos App

The Photos app won’t just let you edit the photos, but the videos as well with its cool effects and easy controls. From contrast to exposure to brightness, you can set anything. You can also rotate the video, crop it and even auto-enhance it. Let’s see how to speed up a video on iPhone using the Photos app.

  1. Open the Photos app and go to the albums section in order to find the video you wanted to edit.

Screenshot of Photos app on iPhone

  1. When in the Albums section, you need to select the slow-mo videos category folder and choose the video you want to speed up.

Screenshot of "Media Types" section of Photos app on iPhone

  1. Once you have chosen the video, it will start to play and you will see an “Edit” option at the top-right corner. Tap that Edit option.

Screenshot of Slo-mo video in Photos app "Edit" button

  1. Now you will see two bars at the bottom of your screen under the video being edited. In the 2nd bar, the lines closer to each other represent the regular speed of the video and the lines apart from each other indicate the slow effect of the video. 1st big bar is simply used to crop the video however you like.
  2. In order to make your video run at a regular speed, you need to bring the two taller white lines closer to each other.

Screenshot of video editing in Photos app

  1. Once you are Done with it, simply tap “Done” and save it.

Speed up a Video on iPhone Using the iMovie App

iMovie is used to edit movies and trailers as well. It has cool effects that enhance the video overall. It also has a user-friendly interface, which means that people with zero video editing experience can easily use it. There are also custom elements, you can add custom text in the video and it also makes the sharing easy. Let’s see how to speed up a video on iPhone using the iMovie app:

  1. Continue with the projects page after opening the iMovie app
  2. When the projects page appears, tap the “+” sign to create a new project

Screenshot of iMovie app Projects page

  1. Now a new pop-up window will show up where you will find the “Movie” option. Tap it.

Screenshot of iMovie app New Project window

  1. In this step, you need to select the video you want to edit from the camera roll option. Tap that slo-mo video and then tap “Create Movie”.

Screenshot of iMovie app video selection screen

  1. Now the video will open up with several different editing options to go from. This is where you will see a “speedometer” icon at the bottom. Tap that speedometer icon.

Screenshot of iMovie app video editing tools

  1. You will then see a yellow slider with 2x written on its right. Simply drag the slider to the right in order to increase the speed of your slow-motion video. Or drag it to the left to slow it down even more. You can speed the video up to 2x max.

Screenshot of iMovie app speed editing tool

  1. When you are done with it, simply tap “Done” and save the video by tapping the share button icon next to the play button icon.

Screenshot of iMovie app Share page


iPhone can make any task easy, all you need to do is look for the app. iPhone has several different preinstalled apps that can help you with several different things like increasing a slow-motion video’s speed. Today we learned how to speed up a video on iPhone. There are two different methods we have discussed in this article that can help you speed up the slow-mo video.

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The first method is by using the built-in iMovie app and the 2nd one is by using the built-in Photos app. Both apps have a few different features but are quite the same when it comes to editing. iMovie offers enhanced effects, you can edit movies and trailers. iMovie has a user-friendly interface and people with no editing experience at all can also use it to edit their videos. It offers easy sharing and custom elements as well that can enhance the visual quality of your video. On the other hand, the Photos app has several effects to add to your video, you can change the brightness level, exposure, contrast, and a lot more. You can rotate, crop, and even speed up the videos as well. Photos app also has very easy controls.

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