Is Fall Guys Cross Platform? A Comprehensive Guide

With time, cross-platform gaming has revolutionized with the widespread presence of different platforms in a short time. Now, this game has become a necessity from luxury. Many gamers tend to go for only one gaming device even after having the different games abundance. Now the question, ”Is fall guys cross platform?” It is why many games are crossplay, including the fall guys. Cross-platform allows the gamers to support crossplay so that the gamers can easily play with different multiplayer. If you are on a console and your friend is on a PC, you can easily play Fall Guys on a cross-platform. Keep reading!

Is Fall Guys Cross Platform?

Yes, Fall Guys is a cross platform. Fall Guys promotes cross-play support between PlayStation (PS), Xbox and PC. With such support, cross-play can easily play between new-generation and previous-generation consoles without having the latest-gen advancement issues. So, whether you are a PC, PS 4/5, Xbox One, or Xbox X/S series user, you can easily play Fall Guys with your friends on any console.

But one thing to mention is that playing crossplay on a Nintendo Switch is impossible. So, if your friends are on the Nintendo Switch Play console, they cannot join you on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC.

Does Fall Guys Support Cross Progression?

Yes, in the Fall Guys, you will get the cross-progression. With the cross-progression, the game saves your progress when you switch from one platform to another. It is only possible when using the same Epic account, and your data will be synced even after logging into the other platform.

You can unlock the different cosmetic skins in the Fall Guys, especially when included in the season pass. So, during the cross-progression, there’s no need to worry about the previous progress of a game as the cross-progression will help save the previous game changes.

Way of Playing Fall Guys with Friends Through Cross-Platform

When you want to play Fall Guys with your friends on a different platform, you must know how to play with other friends from different platforms. So, before playing Fall Guys, you can add your friend from different platforms:

  1. First, go to the bottom right corner. You will see this icon in the form of Fall Guy faces with the + sign.


  1. This icon will open up the menu that displays your current friends and the search bar at the top.
  2. If you want to search for your friends who are on the other platform, enter your friend’s platform Epic account username into the search bar. After entering the username, you can see your friend. Just click Add on it.

  1. Now, you added the specific friend account. If you want to invite your friend to join the lobby, send the invitation from the friend’s menu by highlighting the account.

Following the steps, you can easily add friends to the Fall Guys game using the cross-platform.

Way to set up a Cross-Play for Fall Guys

If you want to play the Fall Guys cross-platform, then you need to link your Fall Guys account to the Epic Games account. So, as long as both accounts are linked, you can easily play Fall Guys through cross-platform.

If you are ready to create or sync your Epic Games account, you can easily go to the game and matchmake with the players across any of the platforms. With the designated symbol, you can easily see your players on which platform they are playing, like PC or Xbox.

Way to set up a Cross-Play for Fall Guys

If you want to turn off the cross-play and stop playing against the players on different platforms, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to the main menu. Select the settings, options, and gameplay from the top right of the display.
  2. From the gameplay options, click on the cross platform matchmaking.
  3. Turn cross platform matchmaking to off.
  4. Now, you can see the crossplay recommended titled warning message.
  5. Select OK to turn it off.

When you turn it off, you can only search for the other players in the current console, not any other.

Which Benefits you Can Avail from the Fall Guys Cross Platform?

The Fall Guys game will mesmerize your gaming experience, but you will enjoy significant advantages when you want to play on a cross platform. The following are some of the benefits:

  • With the cross platform, you will enjoy a better player base by playing the Fall Guys game with different players on different platforms.
  • You can enhance your social experience by connecting with different friends. In this way, players together will promote better community standards.
  • In the cross-platform, you will not be bored and will enjoy the game’s relevancy even for extended periods. Moreover, when competition arises between friends, you will enjoy it.
  • There’s no platform restriction on playing the Fall Guys game. In this way, you can play without fearing restriction issues.
  • With the cross-platform play, you will enjoy the latest updates as the developers will work on gaming updates timely so that users will enjoy a better gaming experience.

Final Words!

This article covered you in detail on playing the Fall Guys on the cross-platform. Also, we answered your question ”is Fall Guys cross platform” with connecting criteria, benefits, and other essential things about Fall Guys game requirements. Now, use different consoles to enjoy the Fall Guys game on the cross platform with friends.


For the Fall Guys cross-play requirements, you need a minimum of 8GB RAM on your PC.

No, playing the Fall Guys game on mobile is impossible because it has no app on the PlayStore. You may find it in the cloud gaming.

It’s a fun game; you can easily play even with low hardware features. To play Fall Guys on PC, at least 60 FPS is required.

Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft, Rocket League, and Stumble Guys are similar to the Fall Guys.

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