How to Unlock the Butterflies Lens on Snapchat

Most people use Snapchat for its filters and new interesting lenses. One of the most popular lenses these days is the “butterflies mood lens” which simply adds butterflies to your snap. Today we are going to be talking about how to unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat.

People love using these filters and lenses to enhance the effect of their photos. There are millions of filters and some of them require to be unlocked first. There are three methods listed in this article that will guide you in the process of unlocking the lens you are longing to use.

Snapchat is a great platform that has evolved a lot and interesting new lenses being updated in the app have added a new flavor to the snap. So let’s dive into the details about how to unlock the butterfly filter.

What the Butterfly Mood Lens is?

The butterfly lens generates animated butterflies around you after detecting your face. It has become a pretty popular lens and has been used by many people around the world. It started a kind of trend, which has brought many other filters like that to life on Snapchat. These filters simply enhance the effects of your video or photo.

Using Lens Link to Unlock the Butterfly Effect

This is quite an easy way to unlock the butterfly mood lens. All you need to do is ask your friend if he/she has been using this filter. If the butterfly lens is saved in their profile, then you will be able to use it as well. Here are a few steps to follow in order to learn how to unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat.

  1. In this first step, you need to be chatting with the friend and asking him/her to share the link to that butterfly lens filter with you.
  2. Specify which lens you are looking for then they will simply copy the link and share it with you.
  3. Now you just need to open that link and that butterfly lens will automatically open on your Snapchat.

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Scanning the QR Code to Unlock the Lens

If not a single one of your friends has the butterfly lens saved or they are always offline then scanning the QR Snapcode could help you. There is a Snapcode for each lens. Here are a few steps you can follow to get to learn how to unlock the butterflies lens on Snapchat.

  1. Open the Snapchat app and look for the butterfly lens QR code. People always share the Snapcode of the filter or lens so it won’t be an issue.

How to Unlock Butterfly Lens on Snapchat in 2022 | Design Your own Snaps

  1. Now open the camera and scan the image with a butterfly inside the Snapchat filter.
  2. Snapchat will automatically scan the image and send you to the link of the lens.

Search for the Butterflies mood Lens on Snapchat

If no method works then you can simply search the butterfly mood lens and scroll through various lenses until you find your desired lens. The list for butterfly lenses can never end. There is plenty of bad filters to be found as well. So keep an eye out until the best comes your way. Here are a few steps to can use to get your hands on the butterfly lens:

  1. When you open Snapchat for Unlock Butterflies Lens on Snapchat, look for the “Search” Icon and tap it.
  2. Then you will see a magnifying glass icon, now you need to tap it and write in the search: “Butterfly lens”
  3. Now a list of different butterfly filters will appear on your screen. Choose the one that best suits you.

How to get Butterfly Lens on Snapchat?

Once you have the lens you can always save it, and it will be always there on your profile.

Unblock Snapchat Butterfly Lens from Camera Roll

This method is almost identical to the snapcode scanning described above. But instead of scanning, you can download a Snapcode and load it into your Snapchat camera to get the Butterfly lens Filter. Here are the steps to do so:

  • OpenSnapchat.
  • Click theReminder icon to the left of the camera shutter button.
  • ClickCamera roll
  • ClicktheButterfly snapcode.

Snapchat will automatically detect the code and will load the butterflies filter.


How do I Remove the Butterfly Filter on Snapchat?

Snapchat doesn’t want you to know how to take away the ‘snapchat’ filter. They want you to use their bling-bling’s and their bunny face. But since we don’t want to play their game, here’s how you can delete their filter. The first time you take a snap, swipe left to get the other snaps and tap on the Snapchat filter. After you tap the filter, you have to instantly tap it again. Some people have had a lot of trouble tapping it twice, so don’t worry if you’re having trouble, just try again. If you do it right, the snapchat filter will disappear, and you will be able to use whatever filter you want.

How to Find Favourite Snaps on Snapchat

While using Snapchat, each photo is only available for a short while, so it is important to screenshot the photo so that you can keep it forever.  The photo can be captured by pressing the home button and the power button at the same time. Then the photo will be saved to your camera roll.

The Bottom-Line

In this article, we have provided you with the most basic and interesting methods to use and learn how to unlock butterflies lens on Snapchat. The butterfly lens simply generates some animated butterflies around your face when detected by the camera to enhance the effect of the image. We talked about using the lens link to unlock the butterfly lens. If one of your friends is using the butterfly filter then you can always ask him or her to share the link with you so that you can use it as well. If none of your friends have the filter then you can always look for the Snapcodes and scan the code by opening the Snapchat camera roll to unlock the lens.

Finally when you are unable to succeed with the two methods mentioned above then simply search for the butterfly lens by searching it in your Snapchat app. Scroll through the lenses the choose the one that suits you. And once you have found that specific lens you are looking for, simply save it so that it stays in your profile and you do not have to search for it each time.

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