Top 5 Best Gaming Monitors Under $300 – Detailed Review

The best gaming monitor under $300 can offer a wonderful blend of specifications and features that deliver superb picture quality and quick gameplay response. It is in the sweet spot of price and performance. The goal of this buying guide is to recommend a variety of the cherry picked gaming monitors that can meet all your gaming standards in this price range.

The following gaming monitors will feature premium specifications such as;

  • Refresh rates of 144Hz – 240Hz
  • Quick response times
  • 4K UHD resolutions

Fortunately, there are a lot of gaming monitors you can have for under $300. All these gaming monitors are not only a good option in this range but also can provide you with the best gaming experience. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your hands on the best gaming monitor under $300 for an exquisite gaming experience.

How We Select for You ?

We did some preliminary research on the best gaming monitors to be sure we weren’t just purchasing and testing random monitors. Then, in order to get frank feedback, we looked over a number of retailer customer reviews online.

Finally, when we were comfortable with the results of the consumer census, we read product reviews to help us form a complete picture of the offerings and determine whether they affirmed buyers’ opinions.

What You Should Consider While Buying a Right Gaming Monitor

Stunning visuals are the primary reason to buy a new gaming monitor. But did you realise that many things are involved in getting you those lovely pixels?

Your choice of the ideal model will be much more straightforward if you are equipped with this knowledge. The best gaming monitor under $300 is surprisingly feature-rich and capable of delivering high-quality graphics.

We would like to outline the most significant elements that have an impact on your game’s presentation. I advise getting to know these so that you can be more equipped to decide wisely when the time comes to buy.

Resolution and Size

The size of the monitor is frequently one of the first considerations when purchasing one, but the resolution is also important for visual quality.

Most people will be more than happy with a resolution of 1080p, especially for gaming, but for greater detail, 1440p is the best option. Even while 4K is fantastic, it is still kind of out of the $300 pricing range unless you give up on the refresh rate.

You might want to think about performance if you decide to choose a 1440p display. If the resolution is increased by 78%, can your GPU still produce a stable performance at 1080p High settings? When selecting a monitor, keep in mind the limitations of your machine, and you should be OK!

Refresh Rate

The frequency at which the screen refreshes the images or updates to reflect changes is known as the refresh rate. We express the refresh rate in hertz.

Our eyes interpret a greater refresh rate as a lot smoother motion. So purchasing a 144Hz monitor can put you ahead of someone using a 60Hz monitor. This is because 144Hz simulates motion far more real than 60Hz, allowing for excellent vision, a more immersive experience, and quicker reactions.

Response Time

The amount of time a monitor takes to go from one color to another is known as response time. The time it takes to transition from black to white and back to black is often represented in milliseconds (ms). Grey-to-grey (GtG) is an alternative, as it is often plain black-to-white.

If your system’s response time is lower, it would be better. Most people prefer a 5ms response time, which might be a good option to some extent. But if you go for lesser response times, such as 1 ms, it would be extraordinarily superb for you.

TN or IPS Monitors

IPS and TN are the two main categories of monitors. IPS panels provide wider viewing angles and better color reproduction than their usual TN counterparts. For this reason, IPS panels are a favorite among video editors, moviegoers, and single-player gamers who want to make use of the best colors available from their graphics cards.

IPS’s main drawbacks are lower response times, refresh rates, and a higher price point. As a result, more money is required than what is offered in this price range in order to obtain an IPS display that is also competitively suitable for serious gaming.

However, if you value competition and don’t have an extra $300 to pay, a TN panel with a 144Hz rate is definitely the best gaming monitor under $300.

How Do We Test?

We then set up the TN panels side by side and loaded up some competitive games, including PUBG, Overwatch, and CSGO. In order to compare the colour differences and image quality of the IPS panels to some of the other monitors in the workplace, we loaded up some high-definition videos and images as well as some graphically appealing games, like Battlefield 5.

Hardcore gamers, who are some of our pals, were invited to join us for some gaming. Our list of the top gaming displays under $300 is the result of spending too much time playing games.

What You Should Expect While Purchasing a Gaming Monitor under $300

There are many monitors available under $300, including several excellent gaming monitors. At this cost, you can get

  • 1440p screen resolutions
  • 240hz refresh rates
  • Quick 1ms response times.

Along with editing monitors and productivity panels, there is also a tonne of ultrawide, curved, and less expensive panels available at this price bracket. Altogether, the $300 price range is quite flexible, so you can find any set of specifications here.

Best Gaming Monitors Under $300

There are many monitors available under $300. The list of best gaming monitors under $300 is given below:

  1. Best Gaming Monitor under $300:  ViewSonic XG2402
  2. Another Choice: ASUS VG279Q
  3. Sceptre C305B-200UN
  4. LG 24UD58-B
  5. Acer Nitro VG271

1. ViewSonic XG2402

ViewSonic XG2402



The XG2402 of ViewSonic is a beast in accurately showing motion. This is all because of the amazing 144Hz refresh rate. High frame rates make video games appear realistic and fluid. Additionally, the graphics are astonishing. The brightness factor on the XG2402 is unique in some way. As a result, images stand out with outstanding clarity, and we also had no trouble distinguishing in-game items.

Your games are presented in the manner they were supposed to be seen, thanks to the rich, brilliant colours. The contrast is also excellent, with the blacks appearing deep and unfading. You are getting a great deal with this as the best 144Hz gaming monitor under $300. The XG2402 is solidly made and performs admirably across the board. You can place it in any desired location with the monitor stand. You may view it whichever you like, vertically or horizontally.

However, I would have preferred for the XG2402 to have more favorable viewing angles. Images viewed from the side usually have less visual definition. But with TN display technology, this is to be anticipated. By no means it is the best gaming monitor under $300. The XG2402 won’t let you down if you are searching for a versatile competitive gaming monitor.

2. ASUS VG279Q




ASUS makes an appearance with the VG279Q, the best 27-inch gaming monitor available for less than $300. This gaming display particularly leads the race when it comes to safeguarding your eyes throughout extended gameplay sessions.

At some point or another, we have all remained up long past our bedtimes in an effort to advance to the next level or defeat the final boss. When we do this, our bodies pay the price the following day, and we have eye pain.

But did you know that this problem has a simple solution? VG279Q from ASUS is here. This best gaming monitor under $300, which should not be mistaken with their VG278Q, is constructed with ASUS’s Eye Care technology.

3. Sceptre C305B-200UN

Sceptre C305B-200UN



If you are trying to find the top curved gaming monitor, do not worry! You have come to the right place. Sceptre produced a fantastic piece of gaming equipment because it was among the most interesting and beautiful products we tested. Furthermore, it is the best 1440p monitor available for under $300 that qualifies.

Before anything else, this fantastic gaming monitor has a truly beautiful construction. Even the red LED lights on the back lend it an alien appearance. And when you take into account the 30-inch curved gaming monitor display, it appears as though it would be at home on an extraterrestrial spacecraft. What about the visuals, then? Although they aren’t quite 4K, the 2560 x 1440 resolution still looks stunning.

Your eyes will also appreciate the blue light filter. Without worrying about wearing yourself out or affecting your vision, you can play longer. Additionally, your games are flawlessly displayed because of an anti-flicker display. With a pair of built-in speakers, you also get your own sound. Simply disregard this function if you have your own sound system. In that case, you will be happy to learn that these speakers provide respectable music and effects.

With this display, which is the greatest curved gaming monitor, you’re surely getting your money’s worth. It might have a lower response time, but I had no trouble playing at this response time.

4. LG 24UD58-B



The LG 24UD58-B tops the list as my choice for the best gaming monitor under $300. Its stunning visuals give your games the energy they require to bring them to life. LG made the decision to use an IPS screen, and in my opinion, the monitor is better off as a result. The rich, brilliant colours deliver some of the nicest details you will discover in a budget gaming monitor like this.

I personally adore the 24UD58-B’s sleek design and superb build quality. Despite the fact that it is thick and substantial, it is surprisingly compact. You may easily mount it to the wall if you find that you need to clear even more room.

The pixel-perfect graphics of games are made possible by FreeSync. In addition, you get both HDMI and DisplayPort for your networking requirements. The material LG used is the only thing that annoys me. It very effectively catches up ambient light, which occasionally results in annoying glare and reflection.

5. Acer Nitro VG271

Acer Nitro VG271



Due to the number of functions packed into one stylish frame, this monitor was one of the most unexpected ones on the list. An impressive IPS panel with a response time of just 1 ms is housed inside the thin bezels. The display is excellent; it has a 400-nit brightness, 99% sRGB gamut, and real 8-bit colour depth! The fact that it also has HDR capability built-in is impressive for a monitor at this price point. This exquisite feature makes it the best gaming monitor under $300.

Although the DisplayHDR 400 certification applies to this entry-level HDR capability, it is not as good as more expensive HDR monitors. The 27-inch IPS panel offsets the device’s low resolution (1080p) and high price.

Fast-paced video games and movies benefit from the 1ms VRB’s effective removal of motion blur, which is always appreciated for a more satisfactory viewing experience. The monitor’s 144Hz refresh rate makes it ideal for gaming and everyday use because it makes everything look buttery smooth and enjoyable to use. The display has AMD’s Freesync technology, which can give you a tear-free gaming experience at a very high frame rate when combined with an excellent refresh rate.

Key Takeaways

After trying, testing, and analysing a huge number of gaming monitors, we have listed 5 best gaming monitors for you. We have considered all the aspects of a PC, whether it is refresh rate, response time, size, resolution, and built quality. So, you can pick the best gaming monitor under $300 for you.

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