Top 15 Best Gaming Laptops under 300 Dollars

It takes a lot of research and time to find the best gaming laptop under $300. Several options will be available to you when you look for it but not every laptop may offer the exact performance. They will also provide you with good quality performance. With extensive research and testing, we have come up with the best machines that will suit your needs.

How Do We Choose?

There are a lot of gaming laptops within the range of 300 dollars, but selecting the right ones will take time and requires proper research and knowledge. You must purchase uniquely with prior knowledge and know-how about any laptop. That’s why we are here to guide you on how we can choose gaming laptops under 300 dollars. We checked various laptops of different brands within the range of 300 dollars but have selected the best ones. It’s not easy for us to choose the best ones because a lot of competition exists.

However, we tested all these laptops for Gaming through proper quality measures and ensured that our best picks must have all features you may expect within the range of 300 USD. Moreover, we picked the ones which provide better performance and have a good client response. So, there’s no need to worry about our top picks’ quality, as all of these gaming laptops have quality-level features.

How do We Test?

Testing criteria takes work as it demands proper research and knowledge. Our professional team tests each feature with adequate care and know-how. Before enlisting these gaming laptops under 300 dollars, we conducted adequate research and testing by checking all the features and specifications. Then, we tested different laptops and, after that, picked the best ones and did testing on these laptops, so we found all of these good ones.

Therefore, we looked at each segment separately with proper research and quality measures. At the time of testing, we consider many factors to make sure to take advantage of all essential aspects. Finally, we tested these laptops by checking each laptop’s different features and specifications and wanted to know whether these laptops were suitable for gaming purposes. After quality-level testing, we guarantee you will not face any issues with these laptops.

Things to consider if you’re buying a Gaming laptop under 300 USD

There are many options, but the good side is that you should go for the best ones. But how to know which gaming laptop is best in terms of quality, pricing, and features? It is best to consider some factors to understand different laptops’ features and specifications. You need to consider these factors to avoid product quality and incompatibility issues. if you are buying a gaming laptop under 300 USD we assure you These factors help you to go for the quality level laptop without having any quality and budget headaches. The following are these factors:

Storage Capacity:

The storage capacity of any gaming laptop is directly linked with overall laptop performance. If your laptop storage capacity is insufficient, you will face storage and Laptop performance issues. In case of inadequate storage issues, your laptop’s CPU performance decreases. Before buying, we recommend taking into account both storage size and type.

It helps you to choose suitable laptops with better storage management. Solid-state drives are faster and better than HDDs and provide a better storage capacity and performance. It doesn’t mean that HDDs create storage management issues, no HDDs are also best for having better storage management, but SSDs provide optimized storage performance.

RAM Capacity:

Like storage capacity, RAM capacity also matters a lot whenever you want to go for any gaming laptop. The larger the RAM, the better multitasking you can do. Better multitasking means that your laptop performance enhances. Therefore, Most gaming laptops under 300 Dollars will be limited to 8GB of RAM (though there may be a couple of exceptions to this with 12GB) 

If your RAM storage capacity is low, you will face the issues of storing different games and applications. So, it is best to go for better RAM because the RAM capacity is crucial for multitasking and your laptop’s performance. for gaming, we will recommend you 16GB Ram, for Better RAM We would also advise looking at our Best Gaming Laptops under 500 Dollars.

Graphics Quality:

In gaming laptops, graphics quality plays an important role, and if your gaming laptop graphics quality is not good, you will not enjoy a better gaming experience. Therefore, before going for any laptop, make sure your laptop has dedicated or integrated graphics. Both are good but dedicated graphics is preferable because of the high intensive graphics quality.

The other thing you must check is a laptop’s graphics processor. If your laptop has Intel’s graphics coprocessor, then it’s good. Considering this factor earlier, In a budget of $300, you can get a sufficiently good color gaming laptop, if you are looking gaming laptop will an excellent cooler then you increase your budget, for excellent color we would also advise looking at our best gaming laptop under $800$1000 guide


The laptop’s processor improves and optimizes the overall gaming experience. If your laptop processor is compatible and suitable, you will enjoy a better gaming experience. We recommend the Intel Core i3, i4, i5, and AMD Ryzen 3 processors. These processors provide a better gaming experience, and you will not face the laptop’s speeding issues while playing different games.

So before buying a gaming laptop, you must check the processor compatibility and ensure that the laptop has a such a processor that provides a better gaming experience. Pay attention to this factor at any cost while making a purchase. One more thing is that you must check the processor speed because processor speed is essential to optimize a laptop’s overall performance. If your laptop’s performance is fast, you will enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

Battery Capacity:

In the end, battery capacity is an essential factor to consider. Battery capacity lets you play the games without worrying about the battery timing. If you are outside, you have an idea about the battery capacity of your gaming laptop. So, go for a laptop with enough battery time to easily play different games without running out of battery. On the other hand, if the laptop’s battery timing is insufficient, then the laptop can be finally shut off after some time, and ultimately, you will not be playing games. So, if you improve your gaming experience, go for the laptop with better battery timing.

Best Gaming Laptops Under $300:

If you are looking for a gaming Laptop under 300 Dollars, you do not need to sweat anymore because we have mentioned the 15 best gaming laptops that you can get under just $300. Therefore, you are provided with a list of the most recommended gaming laptops under 300 USD with a complete analysis.

Let’s take a look at these budget-friendly gaming laptops:

Let’s get started;

1. ASUS L510 Ultra Thin Laptop

ASUS L510 Ultra Thin Laptop



It is very lightweight, sleek and the most affordable laptop in town today. It can handle older games like Sims 4 and dirt rally. Apart from that, you can run a 4k video smoothly on this machine.  Despite the fact that it has low-end hardware, it can serve you pretty well and is worth the price tag. Asus laptops are known for their great performance capabilities and strong design structure. This gaming laptop under 300 Dollars is a perfect choice for a low-end decent gaming experience.  This would be a good choice for your teenage kid. Every basic computing need will be fulfilled after you get Asus L510 ultra-thin laptop.

Now let’s talk about the other features of this gaming laptop. The memory storage capacity of this gaming laptop is 4GB RAM & 128 GB SSD, which is quite enough for storing different apps and games simultaneously. The display screen size of this laptop is 15.6 inches with a full HD display, and it’s the best in this price range. It supports the Windows 10 operating system, but if you want to upgrade your Windows to Windows 11, you can get a free upgrade when you buy the laptop.

As mentioned above, this laptop is slim and easy to move because it’s lightweight with a 3.59 pounds weight. So you don’t face any issues while carrying or moving the laptop. There are two USB 2.0 ports, and the average battery life is 10 hours which is good to go when playing different games.


2. HP EliteBook 840 G3 Laptop

HP EliteBook 840 G3 Laptop



If you are looking for power then get an HP Elitebook 840 cheap gaming laptop under 300. This is the best laptop that can easily handle multitasking. This gaming laptop is a refurbished model laptop, just like the new laptop, with great functionality. It is backed by the three months Amazon renewed guarantee, so there’s no need to worry about the laptop quality. Moreover, it is properly tested and inspected by Amazon professional vendors for maintaining quality. There’s no any damage to the body and the screen. 

Although it has the i5 6th gen processor installed, it still is pretty good at gaming as well. It has a beautiful design and comes in excellent condition. You easily run most older games on this laptop. Apart from that its 256GB of SSD and 16 GB RAM will load and install your games faster than usual. The display size of this laptop is 14 inches, which is not too bad in this price range. If you want a larger display size on an affordable budget, you need to increase your budget by only 100. For this, check our guide on the best laptop for gaming under 400. This laptop supports the USB 3,0, headphone, microphone, VGA, LAN, display port, dock, and battery.

With this laptop, you will get the power supply & warranty instructions. It’s also a lightweight option as it weighs only 3.3 pounds. If you want to save some money and get a powerful laptop that can offer a decent gaming experience then check this laptop out today! There’s no need to worry about the laptop’s quality and condition because the Amazon warranty backs it. 


3. Apple MacBook Air MC965LL/A

Apple MacBook Air MC965LL/A



This one is a 13.3 inches display screen Macbook that can provide you with a good gaming and overall work experience. Despite having a small screen you can pretty much benefit from it in a big way. For example, this gaming laptop under 300 is a lot more efficient, professionally inspected, and has good battery life. Apple laptops overall have a longer lifespan. Just like the above-mentioned HP gaming laptop, this Apple MacBook is also renewed.

This Macbook is certified by Amazon 3 months renewed guarantee, so the overall performance of this laptop is good, functional, and reliable. It is not certified by Apple, but Amazon guarantees it. The accessories of this Macbook are not original, but it’s the best compatible and functional. This Macbook supports the Intel HD graphics 520 coprocessor and provides the best compatible graphical peripherals. The weight of this Macbook is 2.96 pounds.

The battery life inspires us as it allows for an average of 7 hours of battery life. You can get your work done fast with this laptop at hand, its keyboard is designed to give you ease. It has an anti-glare screen that protects your eyes. This Apple Macbook Air Laptop can offer you everything you have asked for. Along with a nice gaming experience, you will also be able to smoothly browser and get your work done in time.


4. HP - 14" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 3

HP - 14" Laptop - AMD Ryzen 3



This gaming laptop has an AMD Ryzen 3 processor installed and an integrated AMD graphics processor.  Whether you want to play games or watch movies, this laptop has the power to offer you a decent experience. Most older games can be played on it and you will get the highest performance.  This gaming laptop has Windows 11 operating system, and it helps you streamline the gaming experience through quick boot, enhanced responsiveness, and better safety against virus issues.

Windows 11 is new in town and offers quite a few new features. The display size of this gaming laptop is 14 inches with micro-edge and beauty view features. With AMD’s 3 3250U processor support, this laptop provides better responsiveness and battery performance. Its battery life is up to 10 hours maximum, although while gaming that number could reduce. You can use your laptop for extended hours because of the good battery timing and Fast charge technology. 

It has a true HD 720p camera built into it for video calling and your zoom meetings experience. In just 45 minutes it will be able to charge at 50% at least and in just 90 minutes your battery will be fully charged. Its 8GB DDR4 RAM with the 128 GB SSD storage capacity offering is another good thing for storing and running the different games and apps at once without any streaming issues. With the SSD storage capacity, your laptop includes 3 M2 slots, and you can easily transfer games and enhance the laptop’s memory capacity.


5. ASUS VivoBook 14 Laptop

ASUS VivoBook 14 Laptop



Asus Vivobook 14 is just another gaming laptop under 300. It is an extraordinary one because it has the i3 11th-gen processor installed that is capable of handling several different tasks. Its Intel HD graphics processor is able to run most older games without any heating issues. It is stylish in design and very portable as well. If you are a perfectionist then this affordable lightweight laptop is made just for you because it weighs only 3.3 pounds. It has a 14 inches display screen with NanoEdge technology providing a broader view area to play games and other multi-tasking.

Moreover, this laptop has a FHD panel with the IPS level wide view with anti glare coating makes your gaming experience better without having any glaring and eye distraction issues. You will have a quite good gaming experience on this beautiful machine. Its keyboard is ergonomic and comfortable to type. Also, this keyboard is a backlit keyboard because it’s effective during dark and dim lighting environments so that you can easily play games without any difficulty. In this price range, you will also get the fingerprint sensor to put your finger on the sensor easily, and your laptop is on.

In this, there’s no need to worry about entering the password. The memory storage capacity is 4GB, with the 128 GB SSD storage capacity enough to store different games and apps. There are four USB ports, i.e.2, USB 2.0, and 2 USB 3.0. The weight of this laptop is also 3.3 pounds, which is too light to carry and move.


6. Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-32DK Slim Laptop

Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-32DK Slim Laptop



Buying a gaming laptop under $300 really makes you feel blissful. The amazing laptop has many qualities. Many gamers find it the best gaming laptop under 300 because it has a tiger lake processor. It supports the latest 11-generation Intel core i3 processor for better gaming experience and multi-tasking needs. With the Turbo boost technology, you will get the 4.1 GHz processor speed, and it’s blazing fast speed. It does not create any sound at the time of working. Furthermore, this gaming laptop has 15.6 inches display size with an effective screen-to-body and aspect ratio.

The memory storage capacity of this laptop is 128GB SSD with 4GB DDR4 RAM. This laptop has a powerful Windows 11 operating system that delivers better performance. It includes USB 3.2 Gen 1 and USB Type C (3.2) ports with HDMI support and ethernet connectivity options. In addition to this, it has a backlit keyboard. That means one does not find any kind of difficulty in finding letters and symbols in low light. Its battery life is also admirable with the average 8 hours battery capacity.

Gamers do not find any kind of difficulty at the time of playing games and continuously keep intact with the mission of their games. It happens because of the long life of the battery. Furthermore, Acer Aspire 5 has a pentium gold 7505 processor, this we were naming as tiger lake. Its performance is far better than expensive series.


7. HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop

HP Chromebook 11-inch Laptop



This amazing device has stylish looks. Many gamers prefer getting it because of its lightweight design. One can easily carry and play games anywhere one wants to play. You not only play different games in fact, it’s a better option for other multi tasking work. Therefore, many find it the best gaming laptop under 300. It looks amazing in indigo and snow white color. This amazing laptop has a strong structure. However, many gamers complain about finding difficulty in opening and closing of this electronic appliance.

Other than this, this electronic appliance gets a tilt when one slightly pushes the screen.  You can conveniently make your gaming experience better through Google and Android experience because it’s convenient, fast, and secure to use. With this laptop, you will get the Octa-core GPU processor to enjoy better graphical visuals. You will enjoy a clearer and more precise display through the 178-degree angle, anti-glare coating, and 11.6 inches display. This laptop includes the Wifi 5 LAN and Bluetooth connectivity support with USB Type A & C ports.

So, all in all, you will get a one-year warranty in case of any defect. Furthermore, one finds it interesting when using the keyboard. There are rubber strips under it. These strips maintain the stability of the laptop and do not let these fall. The laptop remains safe from sliding and different kinds of damages.So, all in all you will get the one year warranty in case of any defect.


8. lenovo chromebook s330



Lenovo Chromebook s330 has become a favorite of many gamers because of interesting features and affordable price. Manufacturers have used plastic in its construction. However, it enhances the appearance of the best gaming laptop under 300. It becomes quite a lightweight, sturdy and sleek design. This laptop has a 3.3 pounds weight with the 14 inches display size, and it’s the best for gaming and multitasking needs. You will get 100 GB cloud storage capacity through Google Drive for seamless storage capacity needs. For better safety, this laptop includes a built-in protection feature to deal with virus issues. The average battery life of this laptop is 10 hours, and it’s the best one for your gaming needs.

Many gamers prefer getting it in the black color. In addition to this, it has a Mediatek MTK8173C processor that is perfect for gamers and provides good performance. Other than this, it has Chrome OS, 4 GB LPDDR3 and much more features. It is easy to connect with different devices. Other than this, one does not find any kind of difficulty in carrying this amazing laptop. It has powerful Bluetooth 4.1, a 720p. Other than these, it has a powerful speaker system. Interestingly, the best gaming laptop under $300 comes along with built-in virus protection. Its battery life is amazing. Meanwhile, one can play games all day long without feeling any kind of inconvenience.


9. Acer Chromebook 314



If we collectively analyze the performance of Acer Chromebook 314 then we find it more valuable than its price. It is one of the gaming laptops under $300 because of its amazing battery life. One can enjoy different kinds of games all day. The battery life will support amazingly. You will not find any kind of disturbance while playing the game. In addition, the camera has a crisp screen of 14 inches. So that each element on the screen becomes clearly visible. It is that amazing laptop under $300 that processes under limitations but still has amazing features. All gamers admire its usability and perfect design. They always share their experience with their close friends and family.

In addition to this, when one plays a game in a room using this amazing gaming laptop. Then this provides enough roomy display. One can easily manage boots of applications in the gaming laptop because it has enough storage capacity.

Furthermore, the gaming laptop also allows you to manage all of your online tasks. One can browse different websites using the laptop while having a connection to the internet. If we talk about the quality of the keyboard then one finds pleasure in using it. You can command easily without falling lags. The connectivity of the laptop is also impressive. Users will have two each type of USB port. One can name it A port and C port. However one has to use an adapter for getting an external USB display port.


10. Asus VivoBook E510MA

Asus VivoBook E510MA gaming laptop



It is one of the best choices for students. However, the Asus VivoBook E510MA is amazingly affordable. The students need to submit their assignments in time and they need to meet the deadline of their projects. Interestingly, a gaming laptop under $300 will become your best companion. The features of this amazing electronic device also capture the attention of gamers. The laptop uses a 12th-Gen processor which makes it preferable to its predecessors. Indeed, there are variants available in the market but it has the most reasonable price.

In addition to this, the gaming laptop under $300 has the perfect touchscreen display. One falls in love with it at first glance if they find it in the blue color. However, it comes in silver as well. The gaming laptop uses 8GB RAM and 128 SSD storage. That makes it perfect for playing interesting games on the laptop. Furthermore, its amazing design impresses everyone. When one finds slate-gray chassis then does not believe its affordable price. Indeed, its price is truly under $300.

However, this laptop is also lighter in weight and one can easily carry it from one place to another. The keyboard of this amazing laptop also creates more interest in typing and using the laptop. The security system of this amazing laptop is also admirable. One can use the touchscreen for unlocking the system. So that no one can have access to your private data until you do not give the permission.


11. Lenovo Chromebook Duet

Lenovo Chromebook Duet



Lenovo Chromebook Duet gives tough competition to many expensive laptops. Users find a detachable keyboard in this affordable laptop. One can easily use cloud-based applications on the best gaming laptop for under $300. If we talk about its battery performance then it works for long hours. So one can enjoy playing games for long hours.

However, the gaming laptop is also lighter in weight. One can easily take the laptop to a favorite place. So one enjoys the favorite game in their own way. The laptop surprised everyone in the market when it was launched in the market.

Furthermore, the laptop has a loveable keyboard. The speakers of this amazing laptop show you the perfect sound. One wishes to start the dance after listening to the music. One can also make effective use of headphones for getting the perfect quality.

In addition to this, the gaming laptop has only one USB-C port. But that is not much of an issue if one can use an adapter. Meanwhile, one can not charge this gaming laptop and use headphones at the same time. It is an uncomfortable situation for many gamers.

Furthermore, the gaming laptop uses a processor of 8-core/8-thread 2.0 GHz. The 128GB storage capacity of this laptop is enough for enjoying amazing games. The gaming laptop has a camera that possesses the feature of autofocus.

In addition to this, the laptop uses RAM of 4GB LPDDR4X which enhances the speed of the laptop. The display of 10 inches and touch screen grabs the interest of gamers and provides them the best experience of working.


12. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i 2 in1 Chromebook

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5i 2 in1 Chromebook gaming laptop



However, gamers pay a lower price for the Asus VivoBook E510MA but it fulfills their higher expectations. The best gaming laptop under $300 has two USB ports. For example, if the electronic device accidentally falls from a height then there are less chances of damage. Furthermore it has an amazing widescreen display. So the gamers enjoy playing the latest games. So, the difficulty of geek gamers resolve because of its amazing features. Many face troubles in finding the gaming laptop at this affordable price. Students can easily carry it to their institutions for completing their class projects and assignments.

The gaming laptop uses the Intel Core i3-1115G4 processor and 8 GB RAM. These two amazing features make it the gaming laptop under $300. Moreover, it’s simple to use without having any login issues. It comes with the 13 inches FHD display that makes it easy for you to play games on the larger screen. This laptop streams the audio quality more impressively so that you can enjoy the audio quality. It delivers better performance through the latest 11 generation core i3 processor. The average battery life of this gaming laptop is 10 hours, which is not too bad for playing games and multitasking. One can easily find this electronic device on Amazon and different online retailers.


13. Lenovo Flex 5 Laptop



Lenovo Flex 5 has achieved popularity in the market because it is perfect for people who prefer working from home. However, the best gaming laptop under $300 also fulfills the requirements of students. The system uses a 512 GB hard disk. However, many gamers complain about the battery life. The screen size of the laptop is 14 inches. One can completely enjoy gaming. In addition, the gaming laptop has AMD Ryzen 5 U series processor. The camera uses an integrated graphics card.

Furthermore, the system has 16GB DDR4 RAM. The gray color of the gaming system is in huge demand. However, the 512GB is not enough for storing heavy games and it also heats up quickly. But one can use the laptop for playing online games. Students can make the best use of it for making assignments.

No doubt, this laptop is the best in quality features but we think that it’s not a price to performance ratio because price is too high and the performance features are not exceptional. So, if you want to go for the good performance features then read this best gaming laptop under $700.


14. HP 2023 15'' HD IPS Laptop

HP 2023 15'' HD IPS Laptop



HP has launched the best gaming laptop under $300 with the screen size of 15 inches. The system has a hard disk of 256 GB. In addition, the gaming system has 4GB RAM. Meanwhile, it is not enough for bearing the load of heavy games but users can enjoy playing online games. In addition, the laptops under $300 has a Pentium CPU model.

Furthermore, the CPU has a speed of 2.7 GHz. However, it is affordable and delivers performance more than expectations. Indeed, the system is worthy enough to pay for. The gaming system has a 256 GB hard drive. One can easily store important data and enjoy playing games on a 15 inch screen.

It includes the HDMI, USB Type C port, 2 USB Type A ports, microphone or headphone jack, and SD card reader connectivity support so that your gaming experience will be good.


15. ASUS E410 Intel Celeron

ASUS E410 Intel Celeron gaming laptops



The system has a screen size of 14 inches. So one enjoys gaming completely. In addition, the system has a 64GB hard disk. However, it is not enough for playing games but one can play online games. The affordable price of the gaming laptop under $300 makes it perfect for students. The gaming system also comes along with stereo speakers. So one can enjoy songs and different sound effects of games. The gaming system also has a webcam. Making it perfect for business meetings and online conferences.

Other prominent features of this gaming laptop includes the storage capacity of 4 GB RAM with the 64 GB SSD storage capacity. The processor speed ranges from 1.1 Ghz to 2.8 Ghz and it’s the effective CPU speed in this price range. Moreover, it includes the stereo speakers, Wifi and Webcam. This laptop comes with the two USB Type A ports, HDMI port, card reader and headphone/ microphone combination. The battery life of this gaming laptop is 10 hours and it’s the best battery capacity.



In this article, you will find the most efficient cheap gaming laptop under $300. Each laptop has something to offer you. All of these laptops come under your budget umbrella and can easily run older games. The display screen of all these laptops is different along with the processing power. Every single laptop mentioned here has SSD storage which helps with loading times. And can also help you copy heavier files in seconds.

You can enjoy your games on these beautifully crafted machines. And have a decent gaming experience. Overall these laptops are the best you can get under just 300 dollars. So make the choice that suits you. Thanks for reading!


Is $300 Enough for Investing in the Gaming Laptop?

$ for daily office/ student tasks, web browsing, and everyday gaming needs; $ 300 gaming laptops are the best option. But it may not be the best if you want heavy processing, multitasking with faster speeds, and enjoy games with high-quality features.

Which Laptop is Considered to be the Best for Gaming Under $300?

Many laptops are on the market, but it all depends on your purchasing needs and preferences. Usually, the above-mentioned all the  laptops are the best in terms of price, quality, and features.

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