How to Get Spectral Pages Destiny 2 – An Extensive Guide

Spectral pages for Destiny 2 are essential to the Lost Halloween event or festival. In this, you have to complete the different activities, and afterward, you will get the spectral pages Destiny 2. But it’s not easy to mention in one line because we have to write a complete article on ”How to get spectral pages Destiny 2” in detail with all the underlying circumstances and observations. Moreover, we will guide you on the best farming methods and how the entire conversion process works. So, you will have to read the full article with patience and complete understanding so that you can get a better understanding of your query.

What Do You Mean By Spectral Pages in Destiny 2?

With the festival of the lost event, you can earn the new currency name as the spectral pages. Usually, you can get the latest two currency modes, i.e., one is spectral pages, and the other one is manifested pages. If you acquire one of both, you can easily exchange both from one another. If you want to open one single page, you will need nine manifested pages.

How to Get Spectral Pages?

In the start, players will get the three spectral pages as the beginning quest, but after that, you have to complete the activity to get more spectral pages. So, it’s impossible that you will get a single spectral page without completing any activity. Undoubtedly, it isn’t easy, but it’s the twist to the game with the underlying activity completion tasks.

To get the spectral pages, the better method to create the manifested pages is to wear the festival mask and complete the different activities. It includes various activities, and you will have to meet these. Now we will guide you on which activities you want to achieve, and in return, you get what.

How Many Pages You Earn Per Activity?

Following are the missions you need to complete, and you get the different pages in return:

  • Completing the ”Crucible” will give you three spectral pages and 230 candy with seven candy per kill.
  • After completing the ”Public Events”, you will get 180 candy and two spectral pages.
  • After completing the ”Strikes & Nightfalls”, you will get the 350 candy and five spectral pages.
  • From ”Gambit”, there’s a chance to get 245 candy and three spectral pages.
  • From ”Lost Sectors”, you will get one spectral page.

All of these missions provide good spectral pages, but we will tell you from which activity you get more spectral pages in a shorter time. Keep reading!

Best Method for Farming Spectral Pages

Now, you need to know which sources are time efficient and quick; then, we recommend going for public events or heroic public events. The reason is that you will get the best spectral pages in less time without waiting longer. If you want any other, then Crucible is also the best but not rather than the public events. Public events are an active mission and can be completed without any long time or hassle. So, in public events, you will get the spectral pages and candy in a shorter period.

Is it Possible to Convert Spectral Pages to Manifested Pages?

Yes, you can convert the spectral pages into manifested pages. There’s no harm in converting the spectral pages to manifested pages because it benefits you in earning different rewards. Some gamers think converting the spectral pages into manifested pages is not a good idea, but it’s good for earning better gaming rewards. So, it’s good for your gaming requirements.

Way of Converting Spectral Pages to Manifested Pages

If you want to convert it, you must complete the Haunted Sector from the tower destination. It depends on the headless activity and how many pages you can easily convert. You will convert the 13 pages, but it is only possible when you beat the ten in the required timeframe, and it’s the maximum number you can do on each run. For converting, pick your manifested pages back to the tower destination and put them into the Book of Forgotten, and it’s only a requirement if you are facing Eva Levante. After that, you have to collect all the rewards, buy the event pass with the rewards, and explore how many other challenges you can easily accomplish. So, when you are converting it from spectral to manifested, then you can earn better rewards.

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Final Words!

So, in the end, the conclusion is that we have guided you in detail on your query ”how to get spectral pages destiny 2”, in fact, along with the destiny two spectral pages details and rewards. Moreover, we guided you on how to convert the spectral pages into manifested pages easily and the reasons and benefits of converting these pages. Hopefully, this article will be helpful for you because we covered the Destiny 2 spectral pages in detail.

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