Mpow H10 Wireless Headphones Review

Mpow H10 headphones come with a foldable design with a battery life of 30 straight hours with a hybrid noise cancelation feature. Mpow H10 wireless headphones box has a USB charging cable, 3.5mm audio cable, and a manual inside. Performance wise Mpow H10 headphones offer you the highest quality sound and noise cancelation. If you are looking for something comfortable to wear without having to deal with the wire poking out then Mpow H10 is a great alternative. Its wireless design also makes it very portable.

Comfortable to Wear

They provide an overly tight fit with comfortable soft cushions installed. Mpow H10 wireless headphones are very comfortable to wear even with the loose headband. Their lightweight design makes them portable as well and you can wear them in the gym too.

Easy Controls

With a single press of a button, you can pause or play the music or even answer calls. When you double press the button, it will end the call and when you press and hold it for 2 seconds, it will activate the voice assistant. And when you hold the button for quite a long time, then it will turn the headphones off. In a few thumb presses, you will get the job done. They are positioned very well and you will get used to these controls pretty quickly.

Solid Foldable Design

Its solid foldable design makes it compact, durable, and easy to wear over the head. Mpow H10 wireless headphones can be found in the soft grey pouch when opening the box. When they are folded they can be easily put back into the pouch. They have memory foam earcups that will offer you a good amount of comfort and can easily cover up your ear.

Comfortable Pads

It has synthetic ear pads that are comfortable and a lot softer than its predecessors. You can fold the earcup at a 90-degree angle and can store them flat easily. Its overall design along with the soft earcup pad’s build quality is a lot better when compared to the older versions like H5s.

ANC Switch

You can see the noise canceling switch on the left ear cup with a light that will turn green when it is activated. ANC switch can also be turned on when the headphones are off. If you have run out of battery then you can also find a port there through which you can connect it via a cable to continue enjoying what you are already. Apart from that, the Bluetooth goes off when you have the headphones turned on via the cable.


The audio quality is not that groundbreaking but it still provides you with a good hifi deep bass. The downside is that they have Bluetooth 4.1 of H5s and many new generation wireless headphones have Bluetooth 5.0. The connectivity is usually stable until or unless there are many other wireless devices in your space as well.

It has a built-in CVC 6.0 noise cancellation microphone that will make your call conversations a lot clearer. The upside is its 30-hour battery life after a single charge. You can enjoy music and movies without being interrupted by the battery low notification.

When you have the ANV switch turned on, you will likely get 20 hours of battery life and when turned off you will get 30 hours of max battery time. So if you have the audio noise canceling button turned on all the time, it will consume 10 hours out of 30 and you will only 20. But well it is still enough. Although Its noise cancelation system is far superior to the H5 models that came before it.

They can be Paired with Two Devices at Once

You need to press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn the headphones on, this will also activate its Bluetooth. Now you need to go to the Bluetooth settings of your device and locate the Mpow H10 Wireless Headphones to connect. It will flash blue or red light for pairing. You can always pause one device’s playback and play the other device’s playback without having to go through Bluetooth settings all over again.

How to Reset and Delete all the Pairing Records?

In order to reset and delete the pairing records, you need to first turn the headphones on by holding down the power button. And when the headphones are activated, all you have to do is press and hold the volume up and down button until you hear a beep sound with a purple light flashing twice. Now, this method will reset your headphones and delete all the records of pairing.

The Bottom-Line

We have talked about Mpow H10 wireless headphones being comfortable and compact at the same time. Their noise cancellation feature is way superior to the models that came before it. Its foldable design is pretty nice as it makes it portable and you can easily put it in the grey pouch that comes with it. The controls are pretty easy as well and you can get used to them pretty quickly.

Their overly tight fit with soft cushions makes it comfortable to wear. It has an ANC switch that can be turned on/off which is located on the left earcup. When it comes to performance it is quite good and offers a high-quality sound with the noise cancellation feature turned on. The only downside is that its Bluetooth is of version 4.1 which is two generations behind and the latest in the market is 5.0. As the connectivity goes by, it is quite stable and only unstable when there are too many wireless devices in the room.

We also discussed how they can also be paired with two devices at once. You can also reset and delete the paired records by holding the volume up and down button until you see a purple light blink twice. With all these factors in mind, it is quite good for any person who wants to have a good wireless experience with good sound quality.

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