What Does OP Mean in Gaming? Explained in Detail

No more wonder what does OP mean in gaming because in this article we will talk exactly about that. The gaming community is a lot different from other communities out there. They live in a world where their life has a purpose and more fun things to do. Now let’s get to what OP means in a gaming community. Well OP stands for “Overpowered”. So when someone says that he or she is an OP then that means he/she has more power over others. He can overpower them easily because he has great skills along with weapons. So the person who can defeat many people in one Player VS Player session can be called an OP.

When you are way too strong as compared to other players, you can be called OP. Or if you have better weapons and accessories that could let you defeat others.

What Other Alternative OP Terms?

OP is not the only term used in gaming, there are many others for example: “Nerf”, “Broken” and “Buff”. Now we know what does op mean in gaming but what do the other three terms mean? Let’s discuss this. Well, Nerf is used for overpowered players. It means to weaken the one with skills. For example, “Let’s nerf him up”. Whereas broken means someone who is strong enough to break the whole game up. On the other hand, buff means getting overpowered; or buffed up. Underpowered players can receive buffs.

If someone says that a weapon removal update nerfed that player, now that means this person is no more an OP. Or a certain weapon has buffed him up. OP and all of these three phrases are pretty popular on Reddit, twitch, and even on Facebook.

What Are Other Uses of The OP Term?

OP is not only used in gaming culture but can also be used on social media. But on social media, it is called “Original Poster”. When people share posts on social media, they usually give credit to the Original poster. The original poster is the one who created the post.

For example: If someone posts something that is considered bait, then in reply people would say that the OP is baiting.

Calling a Weapon an OP

Not just people but a weapon can be called an OP as well. If a game has introduced a new weapon in its recent patch and that weapon is powerful then it can be called OP. Weapons that are designed in a way that would make your kill a lot easier.

The Bottom-Line

In this article, we have learned what does op mean in gaming. What you need to know is that OP stands for overpowered and it simply means you are overpowered if someone calls you that. We also learned what OP means on social media which can be defined as “Original poster.” This means if you are someone who has created a post you are called an OP. There are three other words that can be used with OP which are nerfed, buff, and broken. Gaming culture is quite different and the community overall is always looking for shorter terms to define one another or a gaming experience. I hope now you have an idea of what OP means. Thanks for Reading!

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