Why Won’t My Dell Laptop Turn On – An Extensive Guide

Like other equipment, laptops and computers also require monthly checkups to check whether all components work smoothly. Now you may be worried about why won’t my dell laptop turn on. There’s no need to worry, as most laptops create issues like software or hardware problems. So, this article covers all the aspects of why your Dell laptop does not turn on with the troubleshooting tips. Let’s discuss how your Dell laptop will turn on!

Why Won't My Dell Laptop Turn On?

When your Dell laptop doesn’t turn on, it happens because of different causes. All the issues can be fixed with proper care & knowledge. When your laptop doesn’t turn on, then there may be some issues, including a corrupted BIOS system, power supply problems, improper internal storage management, viruses/ malware, corrupted files, and internal hardware/ software issues.

Next, we will discuss these issues individually with troubleshooting tips so that your problem “Why won’t my Dell laptop turn on?” resolves efficiently. Let’s move on to the possible solutions!

Why Dell Laptop Won't Turn On: 10 Troubleshooting Tips?

Every problem comes with the solution. So. it’s impossible that your Dell laptop will not turn on again. We will share the most apparent, practical, and professional-level troubleshooting tips that help turn on your Dell laptop. The following are:

1. Power Supply:

The first tip is that you need to check your Dell’s laptop power supply. If there is a fault in the laptop’s power supply, your Dell laptop won’t turn on. When you turn on the laptop, and no visible light appears even when the laptop charger is connected, we recommend replacing the power supply. Also, if a charging light appears when you plug in the charger, you check the power supply with a multimeter.

2. Detach the USB Device:

The USB device connected to the laptop drive may be another reason for the Dell laptop not turning on. It happens when your USB trying to boot from the Dell laptop’s wrong drive. If it’s the problem, put your USB into the other boot drive.

3. Laptop's Power Cycling:

When your Dell laptop won’t turn on, then there are chances that the laptop needs power cycling. Unplug the laptop from charging and remove the USBs and printer, like all the external devices, for power cycling. After that, hold the power button for 10 to 15 seconds to drain any residual power. Then, plug the charger again and see if it will turn on.

4. Detaching the Laptop Battery:

If your Dell laptop is on charging and the charging light is on but your Dell laptop is unable to turn on, there may be a battery issue. Usually, you cannot remove the battery from new Dell laptops, but you can seek any laptop mechanic’s help.

5. Try Running the Diagnostic Tool:

Dell laptops come with a diagnostic tool that diagnoses the laptop’s problems and tells you why your Dell laptop won’t turn on. It also analyzes all the problems like your laptop turns on but creates the bootup issues. It cannot fix your problem automatically, but it gives you an idea of why the bootup issue occurs.

A Dell laptop BIOS boot screen.

6. Check for Viruses/ Malware:

If your laptop contains any virus or malware, it could stop it from turning on. It causes your laptop to freeze when you want to turn on your Dell laptop. So, your Dell laptop must have an anti-virus protection feature to avoid any virus defects.

7. Windows Safe Mode:

If your laptop turns on but creates Windows boot-up issues, we recommend starting on a safe mode. When you start on safe mode, the system can easily detect the virus and security issues that stop your laptop from turning on.

8. Resetting BIOS Settings:

It would help if you cleared the laptop’s CMOS to reset the motherboard’s BIOS settings. When you start your laptop, the laptop’s BIOS is the first thing that starts working. So, when you reset the BIOS settings, you will no longer face booting issues.

9. Go for Dell Customer Support:

If any of the above-mentioned troubleshooting tips won’t work, contact Dell customer support. Go to Dell’s website and search for the laptop model you own, and you may get some guidance from here. You can also contact their customer representative to discuss the issue in detail. If your laptop has a warranty, you may get a free repair service from the Dell technical support team.

10. Factory Reset:

The last feasible option for why my Dell laptop won’t turn on is to factory reset the laptop’s settings. By doing so, you will get your laptop in the same performance as when you purchased it. Also, a factory reset will cover the other performance issues as well.

Final Words!

If your Dell laptop malfunctions when you want to turn it on, there’s no need to worry. You need to follow this article’s tips, suggestions, and troubleshooting process. We guided you with the possible causes and troubleshooting tips to resolve this issue on why won’t my dell laptop turn on. With these tips, your laptop will not create turn-on issues. Just perform any of the recommendations according to the situation. Best of luck!


If your Dell laptop is on but creating Windows boot issues, insert the USB drive to access the laptop’s hard drive to transfer the files. Manually, you can do it by connecting the laptop to another PC.

It happens because of the poor battery or if you insert it incorrectly. If your laptop battery is removable, try removing it and re-insert it again.

First, unplug the power adapter and remove the laptop’s batteries. After that, hold on to the power button for exactly 15 to 20 seconds.

Yes, you can start it manually. You need to connect your charger to the laptop, open the lid, press the power on button, and wait until the laptop powers on.

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