Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops Under $200 – Expert Review

We know it’s not easy to pick cheap gaming laptops under 200 dollars, but we are here to make your work easy by picking budget-friendly gaming laptops. Everyone wants to go for budget-friendly gaming laptops, but in this inflation era, it isn’t easy to purchase costly gaming laptops Under $200, you will not get the quality and high-profile features, but you still have the option to play different games on these laptops. So, don’t worry; we will share the best gaming laptops under $200 that give better value for the money and fulfills your gaming needs. Keep reading to explore different laptops.

Cheap Gaming Laptops Under 200 Dollars:

We came up with different cheap gaming laptops under 200 Dollars with varying price ranges within 200 Dollars so that you can make a better purchasing decision within the budget. We are going to show you some of the following top picks:

Let’s get started;

1. HP Stream 14 inch HD (Best laptop for windows under 200 Dollars)

HP Stream 14 inch HD (Best laptop for windows under $200)



The first cheap gaming laptop under 200 dollars is the HP Stream 14-inch HD laptop. We recommend this laptop as one of the best options for 200 dollars. This laptop not only benefits you for your gaming but is also the best option for web surfing and multitasking. This laptop is a renewed model but functions well and is available in fully new condition, so there’s no need to worry about quality issues. Also, we tested this laptop and inspected each feature thoroughly. Now let’s discuss this laptop’s each feature one by one. This laptop has 14 inches WLED backlit display through which you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience.

This laptop supports the Intel Celeron processor with a processor speed of up to 2.6 frequency (Ghz) with 4 MB cache and 6 cores. With such processor features, you can enjoy better gaming streaming with robust speed, and it’s the best in this price range. This HP laptop features Intel UHD 600 graphics for better graphics quality peripherals. The RAM storage capacity of this gaming laptop is 4 GB, with an SSD memory storage capacity of 64 GB. Under 200 dollars, this memory and storage capacity is enough for storing different games and apps, but not high-end games. Let’s talk about connectivity support, as this laptop has USB 2.0, HDMI, and two USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports.

Also, it has both a headphone & microphone combo with the media card reader and good-quality DTS sound. For a unique look, this laptop has an island-style keyboard with a digital microphone Webcam feature that makes your user experience better. We were amazed after seeing the battery capacity with an average of 14 hours, and it’s the best one to fulfill your gaming and other multi-tasking even for a longer time. Also, you can easily carry it and play games because it’s lightweight at only 3.4 pounds.


2. Samsung Chromebook 3 (Best Performance Gaming Laptop Under 200 Dollars)

Samsung Chromebook 3 (Best performance gaming laptop)



The other Cheap gaming laptop under 200 dollars is the Samsung Chromebook. This Chromebook is also an effective option for gaming and multitasking. You will notice limited features in this Chromebook, but it’s Ok within the range of $200. If you slightly increase your budget, you get more advanced features in gaming laptops under $300. Now, let’s discuss some of the features of this laptop. This laptop has an 11.6 inches screen size with a 16:9 aspect ratio. With this screen size, you can play games in a jolly mood without screen obstruction issues. The reason for the most powerful performance behind this gaming laptop is the Intel Celeron processor with 1.6 to 2.48 GHz speed.

In the case of RAM & SSD storage capacity, you may not be satisfied because it has 4GB RAM with 16 GB SSD storage capacity. But for under 200 dollars, such storage and memory capacity is not bad because you can see that it’s the Samsung Chromebook, not a simple Chromebook. One feature that makes it different from others is the spill-resistant feature, and not all gaming laptops have it.

The spill-resistant feature helps you for an immersive and better gaming experience. Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity of this laptop enables you to connect with different devices while playing games on the screen. The average battery time of this gaming laptop is 11 hours, which is not too bad because 11 hours are enough for gaming and multitasking. The overall weight ranges between 2.54 pounds.


3. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 (Cheap Gaming laptop for Students)

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4 (Best gaming laptop for students)



In the list of Cheap gaming laptops under 200 Dollars, our third pick is the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 4. If you want a gaming laptop with a compact size and sleek design, this one is the best option. With this laptop, you can get an 11.6 inches screen display to enjoy different games. You can experience better durability if you want to use it, as this laptop provides military durability. You can enjoy faster connectivity support just through the most rapid Wifi support.

There’s no need to worry about safety and protection because this laptop features advanced safety & security. Such protection is only possible through the built-in advanced layers that help protect your laptop from viruses. Moreover, with the 12-and-a-half average battery capacity, you will not run out of battery issues and will ultimately enjoy a better gaming experience. With the Google Assistant feature, you can speak it, and the Google Assistant is on the way to help you.

This gaming laptop meets the eight different military grades. The RAM capacity of this gaming laptop is 4 GB, with an SSD storage capacity of 64 GB, which is enough for storing medium-quality games and different apps (not high-end). It weighs only 3.45 pounds, that’s not heavy and comes with the power cable, installation guide, and adapter.


4. Lenovo Chromebook S330 Gaming Laptop



As you know that Lenovo is a renowned brand in manufacturing different laptops and other hardware accessories. As we mentioned earlier, this laptop is the best gaming laptop for college students under 200 dollars, but you don’t think it’s only for college students. You can also go for this laptop if you want, but the main reason behind suggesting it is only for college students as it’s the perfect match for students. This product is refurbished, but Amazon guarantees it, so there’s no need to worry about the laptop’s quality. Such products are thoroughly tested and inspected by Amazon.

We also reviewed & tested this laptop with due care and found no defect. The RAM storage capacity of this gaming laptop is 4 GB RAM with an SSD storage capacity of 32 GB, and this one is the best for storing different games & apps at once. Furthermore, this gaming laptop has a 14 inches HD display size with an anti-glare coating feature. Anti-glare helps reduce eye fatigue & eye strain issues so that you can even play games longer. Now let’s talk about the connectivity support of this gaming laptop.

This laptop has a USB (type C) port, USB 3.0 port, Bluetooth 4.1, Wifi, SD card reader, lock slot, HDMI port, and headphone/ microphone combo jack. With such connectivity support, you will enjoy an immersive gaming experience. This laptop weighs 3.3 pounds with the 10 hours average battery capacity. With such average battery ability, this laptop will give you enough time to play different games and multitasking.


5. HP 14 Laptop for Gaming

HP 14 Laptop



You can take this laptop anywhere because of its lightweight and sleek design. With the 14 inches HD screen display size, you will enjoy an immersive gaming experience without a narrow display size. With this laptop, you can get the 4K resolution, playing different games with Intel UHD graphics 600. HP 14 laptop supports 4 GB RAM with the flash 64 GB hard disk size, ultimately enhancing overall performance and dealing with storage management issues.

Moreover, this gaming laptop under $200 provides productive performance by providing approximately 12 hours of battery capacity. Also, it has HP fast charge; you can charge your laptop quickly from 0 to 50% in only 45 minutes. Furthermore, you will get a 1-year limited hardware warranty to claim in case of any hardware component defect easily. With this laptop, you will get the Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity support. The overall weight of this laptop is 7.4 ounces, which is normal and not too heavy to carry.


What to Consider When Buying the Best Gaming Laptops Under 200 Dollars?

There are many things to consider when going for the best gaming laptops under $200 while testing each gaming laptop under 200 dollars. We checked many factors earlier, so we didn’t skip the essential factors. Before buying the best gaming laptop under 200 dollars, you need to consider some of the following things earlier:


It’s an essential factor to consider because we always suggest to our clients that they don’t compromise on quality by purchasing a cheap product. It’s better to invest in a gaming laptop with all the essential features rather than a cheap gaming laptop with low quality. If you can increase your budget and want more features, you may choose the best laptop for gaming under 400 Dollars.


CPU is the most important component of any PC or laptop for delivering quality performance. Under 200 dollars, you will usually get the Intel Celeron processors, which are the best in top-tier performance. Besides processor type, you also check the processor speed.

Operating System:

Within 200 dollars, you will get the Windows and Chrome OS operating system. It depends on you which operating system you want to go for. Both of these are outperforming in a better way for optimizing the overall performance.

Screen Size:

Under 200$, you will get a gaming laptop with a 12 to 14 inches screen size. So, before going for the laptop, ensure that the laptop has a broader screen size of at least 13 or 14 inches. The more the screen size, the better your gaming experience will be. If you want better gaming support, then don’t neglect this factor.

RAM & Storage Capacity:

In this price range, it’s problematic that you will get ample storage capacity and RAM. But we showed you all the best gaming laptops under $200 with better storage capacity and RAM. If it’s insufficient for you and you want to increase your budget to $500 for better storage space, read our article on the gaming laptop under $500.


All the laptops mentioned above are good in performance according to the price range. Under 200 dollars, you will not expect more features from your laptop because 200$ is quite budget-friendly, but all these are best within the price range. If you are a professional or casual gamer, it’s up to you which laptop you want to choose based on the purchasing expectations. Now, you can easily pick any laptop from our list of the best gaming laptops under $200.


Which laptop is best for gaming under 200 Dollars?

All the laptops mentioned above are good in quality and price and provide better value for the money. So you can easily choose the one that best fits your purchasing needs.

Are laptops under $200 best for gaming?

Yes. all the best gaming laptops under $200 are worth trying if you want casual gaming. You will not get the extraordinary features, but it’s the best within the $200.

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