How to Turn Off Sensitive Content on Twitter

Twitter is a social networking platform where people communicate in tweets. Tweets can be called short messages. The exciting thing about Twitter is that Twitter does not really remove sensitive content that might include nudity or violence. but it does block it. Twitter has a feature that hides explicit content. And you can always unhide the content.

Some people would rather not want to do the unblock content thing each time the explicit content appears on their screen so for that you can always turn the sensitive content feature off. If you do not always want to unhide the content being shown on your Twitter screen then this guide is for you. When you turn this feature off, the content being shown will have no filter on it and it will be shown as it is. Let’s see how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter:

Why the Sensitive Content is Being Blocked?

As Twitter is a social media platform that is being used by billions of people so having a content warning policy is the best thing one company could do. The content warning feature is for those who do not want to be exposed to nudity or other explicit content. Twitter has a content policy that says they do not allow extra explicit content that may include blood, gore, and abuse. It always depends upon the context,

For example, if you mark your content as sensitive and it does not behave as criminal then there is an exception that can be made and your post will be allowed but only if you set a content warning. In the fourth paragraph, we will be discussing how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter but first, we need to know how to mark your content as sensitive.

How to Mark Your Content as Sensitive?

This is the simplest method and yet the most effective way to not get blocked for posting explicit content such as nudity. Before we dive into how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter, let’s first talk about how to mark your content as sensitive:

  1. Open the app and tap the blue “+” sign. And then select the media you want to post.
  2. Once the media is selected, tap the 3 vertical dots.

  1. Now you will be moved to the editing phase where you will see several different options from cropping the picture to changing its filter. At the very bottom-right corner click on the flag icon.
  2. A new menu will be shown to you where the content warning options will appear from nudity and violence to the sensitivity of the content. If your content is sensitive then select “Sensitive” if it contains violence then select “Violence”, and if nudity then selects “Nudity”. Or you can also select them all if your post contains all of them.
  3. Finally, just tap “Done”, then “Save” and then “tweet” and your tweet will be posted with a warning.

How to Turn Off the Sensitive Content Warning on the Twitter Website?

  1. Open the Twitter website on chrome or any other browser and then log in.
  2. Once logged in, you will need to click on the more button at the bottom left with a three-dot sign.

  1. After that, you need to go to settings and privacy, once inside you need to select privacy and settings.

Select the "Settings and Privacy" option

  1. You will see your Twitter activity heading with several different options there with one of them being “content you see”. Simply select this option

  1. Finally mark the option that says: “Display sensitive media that may contain sensitive content.”

Display sensitive media that may contain sensitive content

This method will indeed disable the content warning settings and you will be able to skip the sensitive content warning.

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How to Turn Off the Content Warning on the Twitter App on Your Smartphone?

We have talked about how to enable explicit content on the Twitter website, now let’s discuss how it can be done on an Android or IOS. The process is quite similar so you do not have to worry.

  1. Open the app and select the profile pic button at the top-left corner.
  2. Now a menu will slide on your screen from the left with several different options. You need to now choose “Settings and privacy
  3. When inside the settings and privacy menu, you need to look for “Privacy and safety
  4. Under privacy and safety, you will see your Twitter activities there, and from there you need to select “Content you see
  5. Now, enable the “display media that may contain sensitive content” option.

How to mark your content as sensitive

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The Bottom-Line

In this article, we talked about how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter website and Twitter app and how to mark your tweet as sensitive. Twitter has several different content policies and sometimes your content can be allowed when it’s being tweeted with a warning. The process of disabling the content warning we have discussed is quite simple when you try it yourself. Some Twitter users find the warning annoying so that is why there is a sensitive content warning option for them that will disable the content warning. Also, Twitter usually allows the content when you put a content warning on your tweet. 

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