How to Turn on Apple Watch and Why it is Not Responding?

iPhone’s Apple watch is one of the best gadgets you can own along with AirPods at this moment. The Apple watch has several different features that make it great. If you have just recently bought a new apple watch then you must be wondering how to turn on apple watch. Or if your Apple watch has become unresponsive and its apps are glitching out then we will learn how to force restart it to fix these issues. We will also be discussing why your watch is not working properly.

Turning on the Apple Watch

Let’s see how to turn on apple watch:

Turning on the Apple Watch

  1. Press and hold the button at the side of your apple watch and wait for the apple logo to appear on your watch’s screen.
  2. Now after you do all that, you will finally see a watch face. And if you have a passcode set then you will see the lock screen where you would be putting the passcode to unlock it.

Turning off the Apple Watch

Turning off the Apple Watch

  1. Same thing here, you just need to press and hold the side button and you’ll be waiting for three options to appear that say: “Power off”, “Medical ID”, and “Emergency SOS”.
  2. Now tap the “Power off” button and your watch will be powered off.

Note: You cannot turn your watch off if it is charging. You would have to disconnect it from the charger and then turn it off.

Force Restart Your Apple Watch

Force Restart Your Apple Watch

If you are having issues with your apple watch and for some reason, you are facing a glitch or there is some kind of unresponsiveness then this method should help with the issue if you have any related to how to turn on apple watch. This method will simply force-restart and turn the watch back on.

  1. Press and hold the side button and the digital crown beside it at once.
  2. Release the buttons after 10 seconds when you see an apple logo on your watch’s screen.

Why Your Apple Watch is Not Turning on?

There are several reasons that can be associated with your watch not being able to turn on. For example, it could be low on battery, might be running on theater mode, frozen due to an outdated WatchOS, and a few more reasons. Let’s discuss in detail:

It is Frozen or Glitching

Your watch is most likely frozen if it is not turning on. We have already provided you a fix for it in the above section where you can always force restart the watch. It is usually an issue of an outdated watchOS. And if you do not want to experience this issue ever again then you should better update your watch’s OS.

It’s in Power Reverse or Theater Mode

In power reverse mode your watch is actually On but you are unable to have access to its features and it is also not connected to your iPhone. And you can only see the time and date of the watch in the power reverse mode. Just like that, the theater mode can disable the audio alerts and a few other features. This can be fixed when going to the settings.

The Watch is Low on Battery and the Charger is not Working Either

This also could be the main reason why your smartwatch is not turning on despite having it charged a few times already. You need to replace the charger in order to see if the charger really is the reason behind it. If after replacing the charger your battery is going up then that is an indication that your current charger is not working properly or charging slowly. The low battery usually disconnects the watch from the iPhone and even turns it off. So here is your issue that can be fixed by replacing the charger.

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Apple watches are said to have several features that make them great gadgets. You must have recently bought an apple watch or you may be having some issues like unresponsiveness. We have learned in this article how to turn on apple watch and why it is not responding. We also talked about how to turn it back off after you turn it on. You would simply be holding the side button in both cases whether you want to turn on or off the watch. And in order to force restart it, you need to press and hold the side and digital crown button.This will force-restart the apple watch and remove any glitches if there ever were.

We discussed why your apple watch is not working properly or turning on. Some major reasons could be that the watch’s OS needs to be updated, its battery is low and the charger is not working properly and in that case, you need to replace the charger. Finally, it could be on power reveres or theater mode which sometimes disables a lot of features.

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