Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor in 2023 – ( Detailed & Reviews )

Gaming monitors with an extensive view size provide a clear view and an immersive gaming experience. Ultrawide gaming monitors are different in size as compared to simple gaming monitors. Monitors with an ultrawide feature have a 21:9 aspect ratio with a better horizontal view than the standard 16:9 aspect ratio monitor. So, if you are searching for an ultrawide gaming monitor with quality features and specifications, we will come up with 5 of the best ultrawide monitors. These monitors not only give you a better gaming experience but also provide better value for money. Stay reading!

5 Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitors:

Different ultrawide gaming monitors have varying screen sizes, resolution quality, and other features. The best ones give you an immersive gaming experience and fulfill your gaming needs. We come up with five best picks for ultrawide gaming monitor so that you can easily choose the one you think is suitable for your gaming preferences. The following are:

1. Alienware AW3423DW (Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor)

lienware AW3423DW (Best Ultrawide Gaming Monitor)



The first best ultrawide gaming monitor in our list is the Alienware AW3423DW gaming monitor. This gaming monitor is best for high-quality performance and a larger screen view. This gaming monitor represents the perfect design with the 1800R panel curved and 34-inch screen size with narrow edges, and when you sit close to the monitor, you can enjoy a better gaming view. Some other features are height adjustment, tilt adjustment, and swivel adjustment. With such adjustments, you can easily adjust your gaming monitor how you want to.

Also, it has an anti-glare screen feature through which you can easily play games without eye fatigue issues. Furthermore, this gaming monitor also has a QD-OLED display, just like the other ultrawide monitors. With the QD-OLED display, you can experience the same performance with the close-infinite ratio in darker rooms & vivid colors. This ultrawide monitor will have different ports and slots to support storage and USB connectivity. With this gaming monitor, you will get:

  • Cable cover
  • Stand riser & base
  • Monitor panel
  • VESA adapter


2. SAMSUNG Odyssey Neo G9 (Best Performance Gaming Monitor)

SAMSUNG Odyssey Neo G9 (Best Performance Ultrawide Gaming Monitor



After testing this ultrawide gaming monitor, we consider it the best-performance gaming monitor in the ultrawide option. The price of this gaming monitor is also reasonable and gives you a quality level price-performance features. If you are not satisfied with the normal-size ultrawide monitor, then the Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 gives you a super clear view with the 49-inch screen size that is enough to play FPS games. In performance, this ultrawide monitor comes with a 32:9 aspect ratio and 5120×1440 resolution quality that is quite better than the other normal ultrawide gaming monitors.

Besides the QD-OLED monitor, this gaming monitor has mini LED backlights that provide good brightness and enable pop HDR highlights. With such lighting features, you can enjoy an immersive gaming experience. Now, if we talk about the gaming features, this monitor has G-sync support and compatibility with a 240 Hz refresh rate. When you play games at a higher refresh rate, you can get better gaming productivity and outcomes. This gaming monitor has a backlight strobing feature to reduce blur issues, but it is challenging to work with VRR. You will get three cables with this monitor, i.e., a USB cable, a power cable, and an HDMI cable.


3. LG UltraGear QHD (Best Budget-Friendly Ultrawide Monitor)

LG UltraGear QHD (Best Budget-Friendly Ultrawide Gaming Monitor)



If your budget is not too high and you want a mid-range performance ultrawide monitor for gaming needs, then LG UltraGear QHD will not disappoint you. This gaming monitor undoubtedly has limited features, but we considered it the cost-effective option with the main required features. The screen size of this gaming monitor is 34 inches, which is not bad for an immersive gaming experience. Also, it has a 21:9 aspect ratio, which is low compared to the previous ones, but in this price bracket, you will get the optimal aspect ratio.

This ultrawide monitor has a 144 Hz refresh rate, which you can easily overclock up to 160 Hz. With this monitor, exceptional motion handling enables the best gaming experience, especially at higher signals. To reduce screen tearing, LG UltraGear QHD monitor VRR support (FreeSync) is compatible with the G-sync. Some of the other features of this monitor are height & tilt adjustment and high-range dynamics. You will get an HDMI cable and two display ports for graphics output support. One main feature is that this gaming monitor is lightweight, not too heavy, just like the above-mentioned ultrawide monitors.


4. Sceptre Ultrawide WQHD Monitor

Sceptre Ultrawide WQHD Monitor



The fourth option in the best ultrawide gaming monitor list is the Sceptre Ultrawide WQHD Monitor. This ultrawide option is also budget-friendly, and you can easily afford this ultrawide monitor. This monitor’s price is too low but still provides all the necessary features that you may need in your next ultrawide monitor. Let’s discuss this monitor’s features and how this monitor is best to offer quality features at a reasonable price. This ultrawide monitor has a 34-inch screen size with the blue light filter feature, so your gaming experience will be better. In this price range, you will get a 3440 x 1440 pixels resolution, which is more than enough for your ultrawide option.

Some of this gaming monitor’s other features are its frameless, tilt adjustment, and fully curved shape with ultrawide screen. Also, it has a 165 Hz refresh rate. With the monitor’s luminous back cover lights, your gaming monitor delivers a unique look. With the WQHD resolution, you will get a refined, clear, and quality view without any obstruction issues over 1080p current. Also, with the 21:9 aspect ratio, the top-notch quality view ultrawide monitor comes with such an aspect ratio in the mid-range, budget-friendly option. With this monitor, you will get 2 HDMI ports, 2 DP ports, and one audio output.


5. GIGABYTE G34WQC A (Best Flicker Free Ultrawide Monitor)

GIGABYTE G34WQC A (Best Flicker Free Ultrawide Gaming Monitor)



The last ultrawide gaming monitor in our list is the GIGABYTE G34WQC A ultrawide monitor. This monitor also provides the best gaming performance and gives you all the main features you may demand in your next ultrawide monitor. But one thing to clear here is that this monitor comes with limited features compared to the above. One main feature of this monitor is that it has a flicker-free screen so that its brightness automatically reduces, and you will not face eye fatigue or eye stress issues. With the 34-inch screen size and 144 Hz refresh rate display, this ultrawide monitor is not a bad option. If you want a good refresh rate, consider the Sceptre Ultrawide WQHD Monitor.

The display resolution of this monitor is also good at 3440 x 1440 Pixels. You will get such resolution in this price range in mostly ultrawide monitors. For a smooth and reliable gaming experience, you get the AMD free Sync feature in this ultrawide monitor. With this monitor, you will get the following things:

  • Earphone jack
  • 2W speakers (2)
  • 4 Display ports (2)
  • AC adapter
  • HDMI 2.0 (2)


Things to Consider When Buying an Ultrawide Gaming Monitor

Before buying any of the best ultrawide gaming monitors, there is a need to consider some things earlier. If you do not consider some of the essential things earlier, then there are chances that you will commit a mistake while purchasing any of the ultrawide monitors. So, when buying any ultrawide gaming monitor, you need to consider these factors earlier:


Price is the core factor when you want to purchase anything. We guided you with different price brackets for ultrawide monitors. Now, you need to see which features you want and which ultrawide monitor you will afford. One thing to note is don’t compromise on the quality just for the price. If you want a simple gaming monitor with an affordable option, read our guides on the best gaming monitors under $150 & under $300.

Screen Size:

When you want ultrawide monitors, you want a monitor with a larger screen size. Usually, an ultrawide monitor comes with a standard 34-inch screen size and a higher 49-inch screen size. In this way, you need to know which best fulfills your gaming preferences regarding screen size. You can review these best-curved gaming monitors if you want a curved-shaped screen-size monitor.

Display Resolution:

Like the screen size, the ultrawide monitor’s display resolution quality also greatly matters. Usually, you will find a 3440 x 1440 pixel quality display resolution, but you will also get a better display resolution if you want to spend more. The better the display resolution, the better the view quality will be.


Ultrawide monitors for gaming come with different features like tilt adjustment, blue light filter, swivel adjustment, height adjustment, and anti-glare screen. So, first, you want to confirm which feature you want in your ultrawide monitor. Choose the ultrawide monitor with anti-glare and blue light flickering features to reduce eye fatigue.

Client Reviews:

When you click the Amazon link and go to the Amazon page, you will see ratings, stars, and client reviews regarding the ultrawide gaming monitor. Try going for an ultrawide monitor with a better client response, like more reviews and stars. But one thing to make sure that your self-opinion and satisfaction are mandatory while choosing any gaming monitor.

Final Words!

Now, we left the decision to you to choose the best ultrawide gaming monitor. We covered the five best gaming monitors in ultrawide shape that help you enjoy an immersive gaming experience by providing better value for the money. Moreover, we shared a buying guide with you so that you can understand which factors are essential in finalizing a buying decision. Have a good purchase!


These gaming monitors will not disappoint you if you want an immersive gaming experience. Ultrawide monitors are best with the 21:9 aspect ratio and larger screen size than traditional monitors.

The 34-inch ultrawide monitor is also the best option, but if you want a larger screen, we recommend the 49-inch ultrawide monitor. This monitor is the optimal and best-sized monitor for gaming.

Because of the gaming monitors higher pixel count, ultrawide monitors will gradually decrease the FPS. But these monitors will give you a high field view and immersion while playing the different games.

Both types of gaming monitors are best regarding the features for different gaming needs. Ultrawide monitors will give you a better immersion through the wide field of view. Some games are compatible with the 4K gaming monitors, and some are only for ultrawide monitors.

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